Favorite foods at Epcot Food and Wine


We’re going for the first time for Epcot Food and Wine 11/2. What are some of the foods you liked best and didn’t think were that great? The Ireland, Lobster and Scallop Fishermans’s Pie and Warm Chocolate Lava cake sound great to me.


The Pierogi’s in Poland, Brazil was always good and EVERYTHING in Canada, especially the soup. Something I always liked but couldn’t ever seem to get any other time of the year was Chocolate Creme Brulee in France.

What I did NOT like was the Lychee thing in China or the Red Grey Goose thing in France. Both went in the trash.:blow:


We like to try something we don;t normally try. Pirogi’s? I’m a polack … shrimp on the barby? Mom was Australian. I’m looking to try stuff we don;t get around these parts of the DelMarVa peninsula.


Just try something that looks and smells good. ALso, the Disney Parks food blog has pictures up of some of the offerings.


Our whole family just loved the shrimp tacos in Mexico. Also the braised beef in korea was fantastic if you like things spicy. And yes, the perogies were tasty as usual.


Last year I loved the lettuce wraps in Korea. The escargot in France and the sushi in Japan are annual favorites of mine.