Favorite Holiday Event


What’s your favorite special holiday event at Walt Disney World?


Halloween party, followed closely by Christmas party… with Christmas there are so many things to see inside and outside of the parks…

Hard choice for sure…


Holiday atmosphere for DW and I.


I have only been to MVMCP and enjoyed the heck out of it :biggrin:


Decorations and atmosphere for me. Except for NYC growing up there is nothing like it.


I’ve only been to MNSSHP but Halloween is my favorite holiday so it only stands to reason that it would be my favorite!!!


I used to love watching the “lights of winter”. :sad::sad: Last year that whole area looked so sad.:crying:


Osbourne lights are spetacular. A close second is the overall decorations and atmosphere, but then again that’s what Osbourne Lights is a apart of!


This was easy. I didn’t even have to think about it. I LOVE Candlelight Processional! :wub:


I LOVED the Osbourne Family lights but my vote has to go to MNSSHP as we’ve done that a few times now and just love it! From the costumes, to atmosphere and Hallo-Wishes! :smiley:


I couldn’t chose one.

maybe indecision is getting to be a problem for me…eh, maybe not.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1057104]I couldn’t chose one.

maybe indecision is getting to be a problem for me…eh, maybe not.[/QUOTE]

Let’s test that, Boss. Would you like a large beer or a large beer? Your choice :ph34r:




Oh you have it bad. Go see Doughnut. She’ll set you straight


I voted for “Something Else” because I like the Christmas Wishes best.


I chose the Osborne Family Christmas Lights, but it was a hard choice between that and the Candlelight Processional.


I LOVE the Halloween party. Happy Halloween…BOO TO YOU! The song sticks with you for days even more than IASW…lol I haven’t been able to go that time of year in a LONG time, but I still watch the current parade and fireworks on YouTube…I love the grave diggers!! SO COOL~!


My favorite is the Christmas Parade!! That’s my favorite part of Christmas- watching the Disney Parade!!:laugh:
I went to Disneyland at Halloween time when I was little, but I was sad that the Haunted Mansion had been redone to the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I wanted to ride the scary Haunted Mansion at Halloween time- but I wasn’t able to haha. But the Nightmare Before Christmas theme was still really cool- way to go Disney!!:D:heart:


Our first time to WDW at Christmas was this past December for my daughter’s Make A Wish trip. The whole WDW resort and theme parks were completely amazing. We have been in the fall and spring and late winter, but have to say there is nothing that beats being at WDW during the holidays.