Favorite international soda?


Sooooo… reading a different thread on here got me to wondering, what’s your favorite international soda at the refreshment stand in Epcot? I don’t remember the name of it but the one I like best is orange colored.


ooo good question! :slight_smile:

My absolute favorite is Lift from Mexico. I also like Costa Rica’s Fanta. They’re both sweet and fruity and delicious!

(Ok, I had to look at pictures online to remember what my favorites were called, so in case anyone else needs a visual reminder too, I’ll go ahead and attach what I found… haha…)

EDIT: I’m cracking myself up… I originally posted another picture of the soda dispensers where you could see the descriptions of each more clearly… and then I realized they were all made up descriptions and the picture was from a website called Disney Lies. This one is where I realized something was amiss…

While it may be true, I’m pretty sure I’ve never read that at Club Cool. :laugh:


China!!! I love the watermelon one from China so yummy!!!


I like the one from Israel, then the one from Germany, then I leave, cause I can’t stand my shoes sticking to the floor.