Favorite "land" in the Animal Kingdom?


What is your favorite “land” in the AK and why?


Asia- I love Expedition Everest


I love the tigers and everest!


Africa it is.


This was such a tough call for me…we love every square inch of AK!

But I voted Asia - the theming is so excellent. :wub:


I adore AK, but I picked Camp Minnie-Mickey because Festival of the Lion King is there and its my favorite, favorite thing! Stupid name for a land though. …


Before the addition of Everest, it would’ve been Africa without a doubt. But Everest really puts Asia in first place. Excellent theme, great rides, and nice atmosphere.


Before Everest, it was Dinoland, home of the park’s only coaster until 2006.
Now, I guess it’s Asia.


Wow, a real tough choice between Africa and Asia but I will have to vote for Asia.


It was a tough decision between Africa and Asia. I love them both, but settled on Asia.


Asia - mostly for EE.


Asia for me because my favorite 2 rides are Kali river rapids and expedition everest


I’ve always liked Asia. I’m not sure why. It just feels so… realistic. And it helps that they’ve added Expedition Everest! :laugh: