Favorite Little Places


You all probably know of some place in one of the parks that is tucked off in a little corner. Maybe you heard about it from someone else, or maybe you just got lost one day and found it by accident. Whether you prefer to call them hidden gems or by another name, I’m sure we can all think of something that we’ve found at one point or another.

I personally love looking for little half-hidden paths and places in the shade where I can just sit and relax for a while. I know one time I was off on my own and just decided to go down one of those side paths in Frontierland. (You can kind of see them in this picture) There are some nice places to sit in the shade, and it’s a good place to just rest away from the crowds. I sat there for a little while and I only saw a couple families pass by.


As you enter Animal Kingdom to the left by Rain Forest, there is a bench tucked away from everything. We’ve taken pictures of my daughter there throughout the years. She started out laying on the bench with plenty of room left over but now she’s 20 and her legs take up all the bench. It’s become a tradition for us to take a pic in the same pose each year. She teases me that one day my grandkids will do the same…oh boy!!!


Oh that’s a lovely story though- we sit on benches in HS and the only way I can describe the location is it’s up by the ‘dragon’ type ice cream station? by a lake? Anyway its real quiet up there and not many people as its off the beaten track, its lovely just to sit and take time out occasionally from a busy busy park.

And MissSmig this is a lovely thread too.


4 at AK

One is on the right side leading from Asia to Africa. After Flights of Wonder and on the R is a path with some chairs.
Another is anywhere from Asia to Africa that gets you down along the water. Just pick a path and relax. The best one is the old boat loading spot when they had boats to take you on a cruise around the ToL.
The third is at the back of the ToL facing along the water. You pass it if you are exiting It’s a Bugs Life. Just work oyur way back up the exit path.
4th is not a rest stop, just an must do relax thing for us. We love night EMH at AK. After sunset towards the last hour of EMH walk around the outer path. The most relaxing part of the walk is from FLights of Wonder, past Africa, back to the front of the park. We always run into a CM or 2 standing around. They are there since Africa is closed “just watching over the place.” We love striking up conversations with them. And AK is so peaceful that you and a significant other will enjoy the peace and quiet. This is also a good time to hit those out of the way locations already mentioned. Grab a dessert and escape.


I love the gardens in the UK Pavillion. The ones behind the shops. At the very back of the garden there is a bench in the shade. One of our favourite lunch spots. Pick up fish 'n chips and head to that bench.


The really old and nearly always empty movie theatre inside the camera shop on Main Street in MK. It’s a good place for my mom to nap. :laugh:


Yep, I’m with you Janice and we like the path in MK that runs along the railroad tracks between Toon Town and SM. No place to sit, but nice and quiet. Fun to watch the train go past too.


Maybe not a favorite place, and I don’t know if they are still there but, around the back of the journey into imagination building there are restrooms. We went there one evening and it was soooo empty it was spooky. There literally was nobody back there. I told my DH to hurry up cause I felt uneasy waiting by myself. :blush:

Not too many places in disney make me feel like that.


I’m hoping to find a favorite little place, if I can ever talk myself into taking that solo trip. With a very active dh and two teenage boys, it seems like there is no time or place to stop. Got to keep moving!!! But, I did enjoy one time when we were waiting on the dvc bus to pick us up at the Poly, walking around the tropical greenery inside and out of the lobby. It was very relaxing. So that would be my place for now.


We found this spot years ago, and still love to duck in there for a quick rest. It is a great spot.


It is! It’s so quiet, save for the random family wandering inside. Last time we were there the old mickey films weren’t running though. =( Think they’ll want to close it down?


ours too every trip


Definately a great spot. DW insists on grabbing a draft and heading back there.


I like that path too. It’s always nice and calm there. Plus it’s a great shortcut if you want to avoid going back through crowds.


a beautiful part Llama I agree! You must take a pint of beer there too and watch the Beatles!!! Pure heaven! :slight_smile:
Mind you…the luau cove at the Poy is a great place to chill too