Favorite Magic Kingdom Mountain?


What mountain at MK is your favorite?


I voted for Splash, a close second is Big Thunder. Sadly, I have no use for Space


This is hard - I voted Space, but Splash is a very close second.


Space since it was the first. But BTMR and Splash are really fun at night.


Space Mountain always holds a special place for me-it was my first MK mountain! Can’t wait to see it after its refurbishment.


I voted Splash Mountain, because I love hoe detailed the entire ride is, and I love that it takes your picture, and that you get a story along with your ride and the whole family can do it together.

But I also realllllllly love SPACE MOUNTAIN!!! It’s just a never ending classic with me. But I just don’t care for the lines sometimes. We normally only do it on EMH’s and night, because we have lots of kids in our family, so when they go home or if mom mom and pop pop watch the kids me and my brothers and sisters get one! It’s lots of fun!

Not to mention, I love Space… lol.

And as for Thunder Mountain, I like it, but if I didn’t get to ride it on a vacation, I wouldn’t feel like my vacation wasn’t complete. But when the lines not long. Definitely! :smiley:


It was a hard decision, as I’m torn between Space Mountain and Big Thunder. My final decision was Space Mountain, because I’m laughing harder when the ride is done, than with Big Thunder.


Splash Mountain for sure!


Toss up: Big Thunder and Space.
However, as Walt used to say, they both should be “plused”.


I voted Splash Mountain. Big Thunder and Space are too rough for my liking.


Space Mountain is too rough for me. Big Thunder is still a lot of fun for me.


Love 'em all but no contest–Space!!!


Love them all, but Splash is the best. A great family ride with fun theming and a thrill at the end. What’s not to love? Besides, a little water never hurt anyone :laugh:.


I voted for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! It was the first rollercoaster I ever went on in my life (I think I was 6-7 maybe) and it’s STILL my favorite!


Exactly. Its my favorite ride because of the theme and the great attention to detail. And the thrills thrown in are great bonuses.


Up until my last trip, I’d have said Space Mountain. But hearing my niece laugh and scream and beg to go again and again has made me look at BTMRR in a new way. It’s definitely my favorite now!


Slash Mt. is fun and the theming is the best, but my favorite is BTMRR. I never get tired of riding it. I’m a visual type person so Space Mt. does nothing for me.


all! i voted 4 splash :slight_smile:


Thunder has always been my favorite. I’m too much of a chicken now to even go on Space or Splash. :blush:


Wow decisions decisions! I voted for Big Thunder for the theming; I love that area. Second place is still a tough decision but Splash Mountain would be my second choice.