Favorite Memories >10 years ago?


What do you remember from WDW visits from many years ago?

In another thread, I mentioned making reservations through a video monitor at Epcot. I remember how cool it was to talk to someone through a TV! :smile:

Of course, everyone remembers ride tickets.

I recently saw an old brochure from Epcot. Does anyone remember the airshows (aka: huge kites) they did over the lagoon?


Oh wow! I remember making reservations using the monitor…that was so cool!


innoventions was called communicore…


and the old monorails that had to have the doors closed manually…


and california grill was called top of the world…


Well, assuming I was only 3 at the time, I don’t have much to say. :laugh:


I have some pictures of that old Epcot show. If I get chance I’ll try to scan them this weekend and post them.

Remember Food Rocks? I loved that show.


Veggie…fruit…veggie veggie…fruit fruit:happy:

No…I don’t remember:laugh:


I miss The World of Motion and Horizons at Epcot.


in 10 day ago i was in the opening of Epcot. and Splashtactar. and i love the Universe of energy theme song.


It was a really cute show. I believe it was sponsored by Kraft. I also have an old post card with the Food Rocks guys on it, so I’ll try to scan that too.


That would be cool! My sister and I sang that song the rest of the day after we saw that show:blink: Well…at least the
Veggie veggie fruit fruit part…:laugh: :laugh:


I remember staying at Polynesian when it and Contemporary were the only hotels.


I rode in the cable cars, saw Main St. Electrical Parade, and saw an indoor variety show that featured the Fab Four in some theater at the MK, I just don’t remember where.


10 years ago, I still hadn’t been to WDW. :crying:

But I remember Disneyland! :happy: I remember walking across the HUUUUGE parking lot and having to note where our car was parked. (It was in Bambi, I still remember.) And I remember what it was like walking toward the front of the park…it was just awe-inspiring, it looked so big to me back then!

Oh I remember a few years later than that, when the parking lot had been mostly torn up and we were riding the monorail over this big mass of dirt. The automated spiel was saying how “Someday this will become Disney’s American Adventure”. :laugh: Guess that was a working title!


“now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life…”

i hate the new song in the C of P…


I loved the theme that the MK had for their 15 years

“15 years we’re having a party!”


I was never inside WDW before 1996, so I have no first hand memories. I do however have this one from around when Epcot opened. In either late 82 or early 83, the bass player in the band I was on the road with was seeing a girl from Orlando and while we were in the area they went to Epcot and he came back with a pair of the 3-D glasses from whatever the 3-D attraction was, and wore them on the street to look cool.


You guys think Food Rocks is old? :laugh: Dang, I remember Kitchen Cabaret was before that! (Although I admit I liked Food Rocks so much more)

I remember loving the old Universe of Energy with the ‘scary dinosaur fight’ near the end.

And don’t forget the Skyway at MK!!! My absolute favorite.


Yup, I remember Kitchen Cabaret. My sister (10 years younger) loved it as a child.