Favorite moderate resort


I have a free night for a moderate resort just wondering what are the favorites.


Everyone knows that my favorite moderat is POFQ! I just love it. The size is small, pool is cool and the transportation is awesome!



My favorite is POFQ. We’ve stayed there twice (this year!). We’ll be going back in December and we’ll stay there again.


I have to agree- we love Port Orleans. Caribbean Beach Resort comes in a close second.


For me it would have to be CBR, Absoutley love it!


For us it POR (Dixie Landing)


P. O. F. Q. !!!


I cant even choose! POFQ is great because its small and beautiful. POR is great because of the nighttime entertainment and the food court and CBR is great because you feel like you are in the islands and the pool is brand new! I’m not much help.


POR for us!!


POFQ is my favorite. I love everything about it - the size, the food court, the ambiance, the pool, the boat to DTD. IT’s just a beautiful little resort. :wub:


POFQ! I’ve never stay there though :laugh:


If you do stay @ POFQ go in your room to check for smoke, We stayed there last year and our room stinked of smoke and we had to change rooms, it was awful!


POR with out anyone second…stayed there every year since 1991 …althought now a dvc member…plan an extra trip every year now to stay at POR…just love it there


magnolia bend …section… and magnolia terrace or oak manor…building


POFQ Here.


CSR!! Great main pool area, awesome transportation, and terrific food options. Check out my CSR website (by clicking on my name above) for pics and info. CSR now has queen beds in all the rooms and will have club level rooms as of 01/2009!!


Here are mine, in order:

  1. Port Orleans Riverside (like a second home to us. We started staying there way back when it was called “Dixie Landings” and we looooove it. Great theming, perfect pool/bar area, excellent food. You share amenities with POFQ, so it is like getting two resorts in one if you stay at one of them.)

  2. Port Orleans French Quarter (that pool, WOW! And the size of it makes it so manageable and low-stress. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, and the beignets are fantastic, and the boat service it shares with POR is a great way to get to Downtown Disney.)

  3. Caribbean Beach Resort (We were in the Jamaica section and it was beautiful. One of the nicest rooms we have ever had at WDW. The pool has been refurbed just this year into a Pirates theme pool, and it is gorgeous! And no, there was NEVER an problems with buses.)

  4. Coronado Springs Resort (This place has a ton of fans who wouldn’t think of staying anyplace else. BUT, we didn’t care for the resort at all. It was too business-oriented for us, which kills the magical feeling. The food court was too weird for our kids, their room was dark and depressing, and the pool was sooooo far away. Fortunately, we were just visiting SIL while on a Magical Gathering and got to leave after a few hours.)


I’m in the minority but mine is CBR. I’ve staye at CBR, POFQ, and POR. CBR’s theme is just better suited to us.


I’ll chime in with everybody saying POFQ! It’s small, well themed,very relaxing and the bus service was fine.


Have to second this.:wub: