Favorite moderate?


With the Disney Visa Rewards discount offer, it looks like we’ll be moving up from a Value to a Moderate this September…

SO - I have a question. Which Moderate do you prefer? The two at which we have not stayed are Coronado Spgs and French Quarter. (I guess you could also throw in Alligator Bayou, since we stayed at Magnolia Bend at Port Orleans.)

DD and I really liked Caribbean Beach, but DW is neutral on it all. She said anywhere onsite is fine with her.

Suggestions, comments?


My vote is French Quarter. Much much smaller than CBR, so it will be a different experience for you. As far as the busses, you are first dropped off, and first picked up, so it’s very convenient. Very clean, peaceful and a beautiful resort.


I like both POR and POFQ, but I do think they are getting a bit tired, I would love to see a rehab of the rooms. That said, the convenience of POFQ is hard to beat, its small, has a very decent food court, and the bus service is pretty good. Not to mention the fact that it is not very far from any of the parks. Also, you do have the boat ride to DTD, which is a nice perk as well.


My favorite is POFQ. Last year I stayed at Riverside and found it too big and crowded for my taste.
I have stayed at POFQ several times and would stay there again when I go. I also love the boat to DTD.
Have a great trip.


For a moderate, we love POFQ. It is small and quaint. It does share a bus with POR, but it is the first to get picked up, and the first to get dropped off. There is only 1 bus stop for POFQ.


We’re going back to CSR for the first time in 2 years because of the queen beds, hope I’am not disappointed.


We’ve stayed at CBR, POR, and POFQ and FQ wins hands down. I didn’t expect to like it based in the pictures I had seen but the charm won me over as soon as we checked in. POFQ will always be our first choice for a moderate from now on.


a bit off topic but for all you FQ lovers if you haven’t already, I suggest you try visiting the real thing sometime. Nothing like the vieux carre, no other place anywhere like it. Just b-ware of the voodoo,lol.

back on topic, one thing you may want to factor in is CS is known to host a lot of conventions so i’d check to see if any are scheduled during your intended stay. If so then that may help you choose.


I haven’t stayed at a moderate in ages, (ever since purchasing the DVC) but I will say that we LOVED French Quarter when it was Dixie Landings!!!


I used to love Coronado and stayed there often.


I have always liked POR best. Although I haven’t stayed at any other moderate:laugh: Anyway…I just like the theme at POR best and I think they have the best food court:happy:


POFQ and CB are my favorites. The convenient bus service and the boat to DD give POFQ a bit of an advantage.:happy:


I am always going to answer POFQ. I like the smallness of it, the theme, the food court and the closeness to DTD. It’s the ONLY moderate for me.


I totally agree!!:wub:


Caribbean Beach is our FAV!!


We’ve stayed at both French Quarter and Coronado Springs, I much prefer French Quarter. Better theme and much better food.


All the mods are great! :heart:

We like CSR (we drive, so it’s a good location, plus great pool, slide and food court!)

ALTHO, we recently stayed in a Pirate room at CBR . . . and the pool and room might have won us over. :happy:


Dh says…POFQ, why mess with perfection? He loves it, the kids love it. As pointed out 1st on 1st off, perfect! We’re going there in Feb/March 2010. I hope they’re running some great rates then! Congrats on the upgrade!:happy:


We have only stayed at the POR but we really enjoyed it. Plus it was one of the few that could accommodate our party size. The POR seems to always come up as one of our more affordable options. Our family is only getting bigger and we are just a year away from having to get two rooms if we stay on property.


We prefer POFQ because of it’s small size and festive, colorful, fun atmosphere. With only 7 buildings, it’s quick and easy to get everywhere at this resort. The kids love the pool with the slide that comes down the sea serpent.