Favorite moderate?


CBR is our FAV moderate! One thing to remember is the pool was just refurbished last september.


We loved FQ (and CBR - which has the new Pirates themed rooms).


As of now, it looks as if POFQ will be the first choice! I loved the boats from riverside to DTD and everytime we stopped at FQ to let folks off and on, we remarked how neat it looks.


CSR is my family favorite! Check out my CSR website below for updated info and pics.

Here is just some quick info on CSR.

CSR has newly renovated rooms (about half done as of 3/2009) and queen beds (only mod to offer them).

A terrific main pool area that includes a 123 ft slide (2nd largest at WDW), kiddie pool, arcade, playground, sand volleyball court, hot tub (largest on WDW property), a bar, and snack bar (very good food for CS).

Reliable transportation that is not shared with other resorts, 4 resort stops and quick rides to all the parks. CSR has the closest bus stops to the park entrances too (first stop at DHS and MK)!

Other amenities you may be looking for in a resort.

Only moderate to offer suites.

A spa, salon, tanning beds, a lap pool and fitness center (free to its guests).

Full menu room service, expensive though.

Central air, flat panel TV’s and WiFi available.

Rix Lounge – a dance club voted most trendy bar in Orlando.

A business center with computer access.


We stayed at POFQ a few years ago and Caribbean Beach a week ago. I much prefer POFQ. Caribbean Beach is way too spread out for my taste, but I did that to myself by booking a Pirate room and we got put in Building 39 in South Trinidad. There was nothing wrong w/ CB by any means…the food court was nice, the main pool was great, and the bus service was very good (never waited more than 10 min for a bus except one night at MK when it stormed and everyone was leaving at the same time…we got on the second bus and had to wait 20 min).

POFQ had a very good pool, as well as an adequate food court. POFQ does lack a sit down restaurant if that interests you. Everything is very close no matter what building you get and we loved the boat to DTD! However I have read a few complaints about the rooms looking worn (I think they were last remodeled in 2003 or 2004 right before we stayed there).


so the majority like POFQ best? That’s good news as that’s were I booked for November. Does it have a hot tub or is that only deluxes?

anyone stay recently at POFQ?


Port Orleans French Quarter.


We stayed at POFQ last December and will be going back this December. Mostly we like how small it is and our kids love the sea serpent slide. I’d agree though that the rooms look a little worn and could use some updating.


We stayed at CS one night a few years back and found it to be to large. Long walk to the food court aswell as the pool. We have stayed at POFQ a few times an have always loved it. We are staying for our first time at POR in a few weeks. Hope we dont regret it, felt like a change so giving POR a shot. Still would prefer POFQ to CS.


By the way, it does have a hot tub. Kinda off the main walkway to the pool. Never tried it, looks nice .


I feel the other three mods (CSR, CBR, POR) are all overly large. Let’s face it, of the 4 mods, only POFQ has a single bus stop while the other three have 4 and that alone should alert you to how spread out they all are. At CBR and POR our rooms were on the opposite side of the property from the main building while at CSR, we were in the first group of buildings to the left of the main building (building 2).
The downside of POFQ is that they don’t have a sit down restaurant.


I remember the old days when POFQ DID have a sit-down restaurant…and it was pretty good too. Ah well, things change. I’d still prefer POFQ over the others - although the rest of my family would vote for POR.


Mine is New Orleans- Riverside. It has the best food court, and a OK sit down resturant.I love the grounds and the activities too. In the French Quarter there are streams that really smell bad. Espcially on really hot days:blow:!
We tried the Coronado this past March and really liked the main pool area the slide was a huge hit w/ my daughter, but the food was not!! You must love Mexican/Southwestern style food I do, but most of our family didn’t, so lots of whinning on that!!
Good luck!! robyn


POR is the best small and big at the same time


Nothing that has 2,000 rooms could ever be mistaken for small.


sorry to differ but the fact that it has six pools …and especially the fact that you can hide somewhere and feel like it is small …the lounge although small is a lot of fun especially the entertainment ,the fact that you have the food court manager and others there remember your name and take an interest in you and yours …then that is small…the rooms don’t make a place it is the atmosphere and ambiance …but like I said sorry to differ…


Our fav is POFQ. Our close second would be POR in the Bayou section. CS and CBR (pirate room) is a tie for third.


think i may have already voted, but I love the CBR b/c of the island theme. . . though I think we might try POR- French Quarter this year - last time we stayed at POR-riverside - it was called Dixie Landings! And, really liked the food court.


my fave will always be POR for the moderate. Esp the Magnolia bend side. Yes it’s a big resort but it never feels crowded at all. Lots of smaller pools surrounding it, lots of bus stops and a big food court. The only time this was ever crowded was during the uk summer hols in August, this was all due to the free dining giveaway. Other than this, no troubles


AH nice to see the real name of POR…DIXIE LANDING…now let see how many reasons why the name was changed