Favorite non-amimated "classic" Disney choices


Hi! I am wondering what your favorite non-animated Disney “classic” (before 1980, let’s say…) choices are? Mine are: Old Yeller; Davy Crockett; Toby Tyler…and probably anything shown on The Wonderful World of Disney when I was growing up, as well as the original Mouseketeer Club shows!


I would have to say the Wonderful world of Disney.


Mary Poppins for sure!


mary poppins is so awesome!!


Davy Crockett is numero uno in my book.


I like The three lives of Thomasana and Mary Poppins


You gotta love Mary Poppins. :wub: :wub: :wub:


Yep, I’d say Mary Poppins too . . . still love her and my kids love her too! :wub:




I’d have to say Mary Poppins and Herbie.


OK, tease me all you want… of course I loved Mary Poppins, but I also REALLY LIKED: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes!!! I wanted to marry Kurt Russell!!! :wub:


Mary Poppins for sure-my DH and I are going as Mary and Bert for Halloween this year :slight_smile: