Favorite Park Poll


What’s your favorite Disney park?

Well, this was suppose to be a poll, but it didn’t work out for some reason.

Anyways, I was juts curious as to what park would win here on DC.

I know this has been done before, but I know that favorite parks can change from year to year.


My favorite park seriously is a tie. It’s between MK and MGM…I spend the most of my WDW time in both.


MGM would be our favorite, with Magic Kingdom a strong second!


Put me down for Epcot.

Add DH for AK.

DS likes MGM.

DD likes Epcot like her mom! (that’s my girl, LilMissDisney!!)


My favorite is EPCOT, but of course, MK is a REALLY close tie.


#1 - Magic Kingdom
#2 - MGM
#3 - EPCOT/Animal Kingdom

We always spend two days at the Magic Kingdom, so much to do so little time. The next three are tough as we love all four parks but I will pick MGM and then EPCOT and Animal Kingdom - today! May change my mind tomorrow. :smile: :mickey:


You’re right Buzz. Mine would’ve been MGM a few years ago. Now, I’d have to go with Magic Kingdom. If you can believe this, MGM is now probably my least favorite park.



Mine would have to be MK. Next would be Epcot coming in at a VERY close second.

After that is DAK a moderately distant third, and finally the Studios would be a pretty distant fourth.


I would have to go with MK first then Epcot. MK just seems to hold the most “magic” to me.


It’s gotta be MK for me. EPCOT is in a close second though.


MK is #1 for me. I just love all the magic there :slight_smile:


MK and Epcot. Can’t really decide between the two parks.


MK is definitely #1 with me; Epcot is probably 2nd; Studios 3rd and AK last. 2nd-4th can change from trip to trip, but MK is always #1! :wub:


Our favorite has aleays been EPCOT. Even the kids love it.


Favorite theme park is Magic Kingdom.

Favorite water park is Typhoon Lagoon.


MK is my favorite, Epcot is second.


MGM is my first favorite, AK and MK tie for second.


MK!!! My heart always has a big part in answering this quesiton…then Epcot:)


I originally started this cause I really do not have a favorite right now.

For years it was MGM

Now I think it’s MK - or maybe even AK.
I’ll have to see after my next trip.


my favorate park is epcot. second is the Magic Kingdom.

Jeany, Erin, Ingamba: the Three musketeers.