Favorite "past" attraction at EPCOT


Let’s reminisce about “old school” EPCOT!

There have been so many changes at EPCOT since it’s opening and I miss ALL the attractions that have now become a thing of the past.

So which was your favorite and why?

Whoops, there was suppose to be a poll here…

  1. the OLD “Journey Into Imagination”
  2. World of Motion
  3. Horizons
  4. Living Seas (“Seabase Alpha”)
  5. Food Rocks/ “Kitchen Cabaret”
  6. Captain Eo
  7. Communicore East & West
  8. the “Making of Me”
  9. Body Wars
  10. Universe of Energy (PRE-Bill Nye & Ellen)
  11. Cranium Command

-am I forgetting any?


great topic Jess, and as you know I’m an Epcot freak and old school Epcot holds a special place in my heart. Just off the top of my head, I’m going to say WOM just because of all the great memories it holds for me.


I loved the Kitchen Caberet, is that the right name? With the singing/dancing food? I loved the broccoli. I remember seeing it when I was 14 or so and I just loved it!

Allyson :slight_smile:


Food Rocks/Kitchen Kaberet were one and the same I think. It just went through a name change with maybe some small changes. They were in The Land pavillion. Remember the song “Living With The Land”?


“Living with the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, living with the land!”

I miss so many of those!! I think I miss Kitchen Kabaret most of all though. I remember being compeltely transfixed by that show when I was little. I don’t know what it was but I LOVED it. I want it back. :crying:

Would I trade Soarin for it? No way! :laugh:


Sometimes I think I’d trade TT for WOM though. As cool as TT is, WOM brings back such great memories.


This is probably the HARDEST Disney-related question for me to answer b/c old school EPCOT is like the core and beginning of my Disney obsession (wow, I am a dork)

I could give my opinions on ALL of the above attractions and why I miss them to death. Although, all things considered, I would DEFINATELY have to say my “most missed” attraction is “World of Motion.” I LOVED all the scenes in that attraction, the music, the smells, EVERYTHING! I especially loved coming out of the attraction and seeing the cool cars! :wub:

The attraction I DO NOT miss at all is everything in the “Wonders of Life” Pavillion, that was the beginning of the end of old school EPCOT for me, haha. I never liked Body Wars at all, and being an awkward pre-teen during the “wonders of life” days it was just NEVER comfortable for me in there. :blow:


I woud trade TT AND Mission Space to have ONE of those attractions back. Although, if EPCOT got something mega interesting and cool for the 25th I may learn forgiveness.haha


i miss the old Journey into Imagination…at least figment is kindof still there


I definitely miss Food Rocks/ “Kitchen Cabaret”. It was so cute and so much fun. I know it was not in Epcot, but in the MK, but I still miss If You Could Fly/If You Had Wings. Back in the day it was my favorite attraction and still sadly missed.


Great Topic! I also miss so much of the original Epcot, but I would have to say I miss Horizons the most. I remember going on Horizons over and over on my 6th grade trip. What great memories!


There were some great ones but I would have to say the OLD "Journey Into Imagination. Strictly because of the song, I think I still have that song in my head. "a dream can make a dream come true! from just one spark… from me and you! imaaaaaaaginaaaaation imaaaaaaginaaaation! :tongue:


Ah the old Journey into Immagination I loved that one, Dream finder and his figment puppet that he had when he was out in the parks.
Horizons was soo cool I loved how it was the concept of the future, cause I loved sci fi.
Which is why I loved Captain EO as well, back when Michael was Michael, instead of being replaced by an alien! Hey its a good theory…
WOM I remember going up that spiral ramp and then the caveman blowing his feet, but aside from that I don’t remember much…sad.
I do miss old epcot but I dont remember what communicore was except that it was replaced by innoventions. Oh but the old universe of energy was kinda droll before ellen. I just liked it for the dinosaurs though!
I guess sometimes I just wished they could keep the old with the new, seems that aside from SE most of epcot is going to be replaced with newer attractions…


Journey into Immagination and Horizons!!!


I miss Journey into Imagination so much too!


I really miss WOM and Horizons - the scenes, the music - such great memories. I loved them and miss them still. :crying:


Yep, WOM and Horizions for me too.


here’s my favorite “past” attraction at EPCOT

  1. Universe of Energy
  2. Captain EO


I don’t know about anyone else but i was TERRIFIED of Captain Eo when I was a kid. I liked Michael Jackson, and that cute flying little monkey/animal thing with the long tail but there was some witch or something with LOOOOONNNGGG nails and I remember it FREAKING me out EVERY time!!!


I’m terrified of Michael Jackson NOW