Favorite Pixar inspired ride/attraction/show?


I know, I’ve made a lot of polls. But I’m in the Disney mood and want to hear what everyone else thinks. :mickey:

So, what is your favorite Pixar inspired ride/attraction/show?


Love, love, love this show! We skipped it for years, but caught it last year and I will never miss it again, it is awesome!

Also liked the Laugh Floor, but nothing like Nemo.


Hmmmm, thats hard! I love all of them!!

But I think it’s between… Laugh Floor and Toy Story Mania!!

Laugh Floor is soooo funny and a ton of fun, also it’s something the whole fmaily can do together and enjoy. And it’s so much fun if you get picked or your joke gets picked!

And TSM is just a BLAST! I love it so much, it’s much better than Buzz’s ride, and it’s queue area is so AMAZING!

Another favorite would be Turtle Talk with Crush, the kids just love love love it!

I also like Nemo and Friends ride, but I think it’s a little short.

We still need to see the Nemo show at AK!


I love TSM but we discovered the Laugh Floor this last trip and hands down it is my favorite show…ever. It helps that Dave loves it more than I do…and whenever he really enjoys something at Disney that makes me really happy.


I went with Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Its one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World.

But I haven’t gone on TSM yet. I haven’t been there since it opened.


I finally did Laugh Floor last time and it was hilarious! Loved it! And while I do like TSM and the Buzz Lightyear ride, I just like Laugh Floor more. :smile:


I am a Buzz fan!


I’d have to say Toy Story Mania. I like everything else, though I haven’t seen the Nemo musical yet,so it’s a hard choice. I’d also like to give some recognition to a deceased show, Woody’s Cowboy Camp. I really liked it because it was one of those “little” touches that you’d come on unexpectedly and have a lot of fun seeing. It helped that it was interactive while being fun and entertaining.


DH and I like to talk smack about Buzz Lightyear all the time! He’s always bragging about how he beats me everytime we play (which is true…). It makes for fun banter and increases my excitment about our next trip! But, we won’t get a chance to do TSM until Sept so maybe I’ll like that more! We also didn’t get to see Nemo the Musical last time we were there so I don’t have an opinion on that.


EXACTLY! Seeing Ryan excited about a Disney attraction excites me and warms my heart. :wub: This is probably the only riding attraction (he adores World Showcase) I’ve seen him express any opinion about.


Toy Story Mania is just the bee’s knee’s!
I love it, although I love most on the list, TSM just stood out for me :happy:


TSM is awesome!!


TSM is my favorite ride in HS… besides The Great Movie Ride of course ;). I also love Buzz… it’s just a classic ride and will never get boring! It’s interactive which I like more then just sitting their you know?


TSM for sure…love Buzz too. Usually ride Buzz more than TSM because the line is usually shorter.


It’s really a split between The Laugh Floor and Toy Story Midway Mania, but rides win over shows, so it’s Toy Story although I much prefer the Monsters.


Toy Story!!


We went with Buzz as we haven’t been back since TSM opened so we had to go with what we know


TSM by a mile. It is so much fun and worth the wait. We love TSM!


I haven’t had an opportunity to try out TSM, but I think the Nemo show is absolutely amazing. The colors and artistry are outstanding!


I love Buzz Lightyear so it has to be space ranger spin, but we do love the new TSM too.