Favorite quick service


ok, what is everyones favorite quick service in each park. my family and i are going in december and we have 3 kids. we are doing the quick service meal plan thanks


flame tree bbq at AK


I don’t have a favorite QS at MK or DS, but we love Yak and Yeti at AK and Boulangerie Patisserie in the French Pavilion in Epcot. Outside of the parks, our absolute most favorite of all is Wolfgang Puck Express on the Marketplace Side of DTD.


Mk~ is Harbor house and the tuna fish sandwish, my two children also love it…so does my DH lol

DTD~ is Wolfgang Puck Express

AK~ is Flametree

Epcot ~ is a toss up of the Fish and Chips place in England??? and the counter service in Mexico

DS~ I too also do not have a favorite



thanks so much everyone!!!


Flame Tree BBQ @ Animal Kingdom


At DS if you want to get out of the “heat and humidity” the ABC Commissary is nice.
Also Staring Roles is a good QS.


Harbor House by a mile! Great fish and chips!!


MK- We don’t really have a favorite but Cosmic Ray’s has the larger choice and it’s nice. We also eat at Peco’s Bills often too!
HS- Pizza Planet or Rosie’s.
EPCOT- Oh god… UHM. Japan’s, ELECTRIC UMBRELLA, Cantina de San Angel.
AK- Restaurantous. The Dinosaur themed McDonalds! Kids loveee it.

And POP Century has the best lomain… ever!!! :laugh:


At MK we love the chicken dinner at Cosmic Rays and at Epcot we really like Sunshine Seasons.


Epcot: Tangierine Cafe. Definitely the best quick service of all!


MK- Pecos Bill
EP- Mexico. Kids choice, Sunshine Seasons
HS- none
DTD- Earl of Sandwich


MK - Harbor House
HS - Cuban Sandwich at ABC commissary
Epcot - Sunshine Season and England’s fish and chips.
AK - none
DTD - Wolfgang Puck Express


We like Cosmic Ray’s, Pecos Bill and America in Epcot


AK - Yak & Yedi
DTD - Earl of Sandwich (is there anything else???)


I’d have to say Sunshine Seasons is my favorite QS in all of WDW.
We finally gave in and tried Earl of Sandwich in December and really liked it.
Flame Tree was pretty good too.
In MK, I guess we always fall back to Cosmic Ray’s, but Columbia Harbour House is pretty good.
I don’t think anyone likes the QS options in the Studios though.


MK - Cosmic Rays
AK - FLAMETREE! (if you wind your way down the trails behind the restaurant you can find this really nice one closet the water. You can see EE right across the lake and enjoy some decorations that you can’t see that well from the park!)
Epcot - Sunshine Seasons in Land pavillion
DS - Backlot Express


MK - Peco Bills
AK - Flame Tree BBQ
Epcot - Fish & Chips
DS - NONE! Never had a good CS meal there in everything I have tried
DTD - Earl of Sandwich


MK - Cosmic Ray’s and Pecos Bill - love those taco salads!
EP-Sunshine Seasons and Mexico - SS is awesome, but so basementy…
HS - we LOVE the place near the Honey I shrunk the Kids - I used to think this was called Backlot Express, but last time I was there, I went to BE and that was Definitely NOT it.
AK - we LOVE LOVE LOVE Y&Y CS, in fact, you can use snack credits for the fried rice and the eggrolls - we usually use up snack credits here when we have combined two TS for a NICE dinner…


I see what you’re saying somewhat. To me it feels more like ground floor, but once you move out into the atrium central dining area, it feels anything but underground with its soaring roof and faux hot air balloons.