Favorite resort CS?


Since we want to see holiday decorations in the resorts I thought we could maybe have lunch at one and then see the decorations at that resort. Specifically thinking of the ones that have awesome decorations - but all resort counter service opinions are welcome!


Our favorite counter service is Pop but the decorations aren’t “awesome.” Second favorite is Mara at AKL. And their decorations ARE awesome.
Have fun deciding!


The Wilderness Lodge has great decorations and they counter service iscalled The Roaring Fork.

But, Animal Kingdom is pretty awesome too. You can see the animals there as well. And their restaurant The Mara, has good food.

An, one other option is the Grand Floridian. It is a beautiful resort and they have a LIFE size gingerbread house where you can go in and buy fesh cookies. They have a nice quick service as well.

Ahhh…Diney at Christmas! :santa: :mickey: :santa:


Another vote for the Mara at Animal Kingdom Jambo House. The chicken pita is delicious! DS loves the African Stew (although they switched it from being served in a bread bowl, to having it poured over rice.)


Based on food and not decor’, my fav resort CS is POFQ. Never been at Christmas so I don’t know what they do there at that time. My 2nd would be Pepper Market at CSR. 3rd, Captain’s Hook at Poly. They have Dole Whips :wub: