Favorite restaurant at the Magic Kingdom?


Well, what’s your favorite restaurant at the MK?

My vote goes to either Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, Pinocchio Village Haus, or Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. All 3 are great places to grab something to eat. :smile:


For a CS my pick would be cosmic rays. My daughter loves the ribs! For sit down I don’t know if its a fav but we usually tend to do crystal palace. I’m not to sure why because I’m not fond of pooh.


I love the hot dogs @ Casey’s. Next would be the chicken at Columbia Harbor House.


We liked Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner but will miss the characters unless they return!! We also like the Crystal Palace for breakfast and/or lunch!!


Crystal palace for breakfast. I love t be in the MK before the park opens so having ADRs at CP allows us to do so.


Casey’s is my fave for CS. I love that spicy relish.

For TS, I’d go with Crystal Place but ymmv.



Crystal Palace and Cosmic Ray’s.


For CS (or is it QS now, I can’t keep up), it’s definitely Cosmic Rays, one of the better in the 'World. But we also wouldn’t throw out Pecos Bills.

Our tradition for several years has been LTT. We eat and then walk out on the porch to watch the light parade. Hopefully the characters will be back in Sept.?


Cosmic Ray’s (great variety) and LTT (with characters).


Counter Service: I LOVE Columbia House; good chili & tuna sandwiches

Full Service: Liberty Tree Tavern!


Columbia Harbor House


I’ve honestly never eaten there. :redface:


Not a wide menu, but a really cool decor.


I’ll try it out next time.


I like the tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbor House.


Columbia Harbor House


We really enjoyed Pecos Bill’s. I haven’t done bfast at CP in years but I remember it being very good!


Columbia Harbor House…it even beats out the TS restaurants there in my opinion.


Does the Dole Whip stand count? If so, thats mine! lol

I love El Pirate (or however its spelled!) because its a huge taco salad bar, but its NEVER open! I’ve hit it twice though and its fantastic! The Taco Salad is way better than at Pacos Bills.


Oh jeeze, thats a hard question. I’d say Tony’s Town Square.
But we eat at Peco’s a lot! :smiley: