Favorite Restaurants in Disneyland


My DH and I haven’t been to Disneyland in 10 years, and are looking forward to going this fall. I have been reading about the restaurants in the hotels and parks and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for restaurants that shouldn’t be missed. We will only be at the parks for 4 nights in early October. Also how important are reservations?


The best Restaurant that my DW and I love going to is Cafe Orleans. Great good, decent prices, and great atmosphere. Make sure to try to get the Monte Cristo it is wonderful.

Reservations are always a good idea just to make sure.

Here is a picture of the Monte Cristo
IMG_0322 by CDavis9088, on Flickr


Cafe Orleans is definately our favorite in DL. Similar food as the Blue Bayou but at half the price. Besides the Monte Cristo there are the Pom Frittes (spelling) - french fries covered in parmesan cheese and garlic powder with a special dipping sauce.

The Blue Bayou is also fun but you pay for location. It is right in the Pirates of the Carribean ride - if you go here, ask for a table by the river. You will have to wait, but in my opinion it is only worth the price if you are next to the river.

In CA we love the Tratorria. This is kind of an italian bistro in the wine country. Fresh salads, sandwiches, and pasta.

Our favorite character meal is Goofy’s Kitchen in the DL Hotel. Typical Disney character meal.

Our favorite upscale is Steakhouse 55 in the DL Hotel. Even though it is upscale we dont feel uncomfortable with our kids. We haven’t been to the Napa Rose at the Grand California (we always have children and it felt a little to upscale to drag a 3 year old there) but it gets great reviews as the best restaurant on property.


Cafe Oleans

La Tratorria

Steakhouse 55

Storytellers in the Grand Californian

Carnation Cafe in DL


Steakhouse 55 hands down. It is our favorite Disney restaurant at either location. Great service and the best steak I have had anywhere! ADR’s are a must because locals not going to the parks frequent this location.


Thanks for the advice!


It’s changed a bit since then, but reservations can be tricky. I always get reservations, though they can usually be made in the early morning if you plan to do a dinner meal. I’ve rarely found myself unable to get a reservation 12 hours ahead.

NAPA ROSE (Grand Californian) is a great restaurant, and you should go there for at least one meal, even if it’s appetizers and coffee.

JAZZ KITCHEN (Downtown Disney) is the new Blue Bayou. Fantastic menu, and good entertainment.

GOLDEN HORSESHOE REVIEW (Frontierland) try to get there before lunch one day so that you can get the stageside booth. Well worth the wait.

STORYTELLER’S CAFE (Grand Californian) is the “cheaper” version of the Napa Rose. Some of the best meals I’ve had were better tasting than ANYTHING inside the parks for a cheaper price. :pirate: