Favorite Resturant


ok just so you know i was trying to make this a poll, so if it turns out to work wrong, thats what it is, so please say which u chose anyway. thanks :wink: :happy:


ok it worked so never mind


The first thing DH and I do after we check in is make a beeline to Mexico for lunch. We look forward to it all year long.


for me i put liberty tree cuz we tried it this time and OMG I LOVED IT!! i would also put japan but i didn’t make it so it could be multiple choice so… ya. (laughs at self) we tried that this time too and is was AWESOME!!! and it was free cuz my mom had gotten the dining plan :happy:


I voted other for… 1900 Park Fare
Breakfast or Dinner, the quality of the food here is the best for a Buffet!!!


Oops, I already posted in the other thread and said 'Ohana…:tongue:…but I just saw this thread, so I cast my vote in the poll!


I put CRT because we love being in the castle but we also love LLT because the characters are so much fun! We always do both on every trip. Our tradition has been LLT first day and CRT last day!


Crystal Palace…we go every single trip.


LeCellier is a must do for us.


I voted 'Ohana, but Le Cellier has also become a must-do for us.


I voted for other…Rose and Crown Pub in England…an EVERY TRIP EVENT for my and the dave


Cinderella’s Royal Table has my vote. Yes there are better restaurants, but I just love the view. My second vote would be the California Grill; again I just love the view!


We can’t miss Rose & Crown. We’re hooked.


I voted other. Boma is a must do for us every trip. Though we have also recently fallen with Crystal Palace as well


I voted “other”. My first stop has always been to the Garden Grill…however with the menu change I will have to look elsewhere for a new favorite :crying:


voted other …because we must do Chef Mickey’s and Garden Grill !!!


I voted for Liberty Tree Tavern because it reminds me of Thanksgiving, the atmosphere is so cozy, you always get good character photos, and mmmm mm the APPLE BUTTER!


I voted other - Chef Mickey’s is a must for us, CRT would have been my second. :mickey:


I don’t know much about Garden Grill but I have read that the old menu is coming back. I hope that is good news for you.


Voted “other”, Chef Mickey’s is a must for us, atleast twice a trip. I loved Crystal Palace, Cape May Cafe and House of Blues.