Favorite ride at WDW?


Here it is!!! The moment I’ve been waiting for and hope you all have been too! The votes are in. You’ve picked some killer rides. Only the top two rides from each primary poll is included here. Surprisingly, not one attraction made it through the polls.

So, what we have now is the final ballot for the shootout! What’s your favorite ride from Walt Disney World? Based on the two rides from each park, you only get to choose one!

I’m sorry if your favorite ride/attraction didn’t make the final ballot. I’d have loved to seen Mission: Space, Big Thunder Mountain and Philharmagic make the list. But, this is what we chose?

Last time I have to say this line too, “So far everyone has been great! You all have done such a wonderful job keeping everything friendly. As always, please do the same with this thread!”

I’m going to leave this poll open for about three weeks, just in case any stragglers decide to chime in somewhere down the road. But, I feel this should be a great debate. I’m curious to know, what’s your favorite ride?



Splash Mountain for me:)


I’m going with ToT. Something about that ride and the anticipation of getting on it gives me this awesome stressed out vibe. I love it. I just love how that ride gives that magical excited feeling while waiting in line!

Seriously though, I had a hard time not choosing Splash Mountain, Kilimanjaro or Soarin’. The safari and Soarin’ are Disney magic at their best!


This is such a tough choice, as they are all fabulous rides! I had to go with POC, however, as nostalgia factored in with the fun. I’m eager to see the results!


Space mountain, Great Movie ride werent on the poll do I voted for Pirates


The (not so) Great Movie ride received only 5.77% of the votes in the MGM Studios poll. However, Space Mountain took a nice 17.46% of the votes in the MK poll. I was really debating on added Space Mountain. But, I didn’t feel it was fair to the other parks. (you know, as if they have feelings and can be jealous!) Leaving Space Mountain off the final shootout was really a hard choice. Still, there were some other rides I wanted on the final ballot! I also could have done without Test Track. Heck, TT even placed fourth on my Most Overrated Ride at WDW poll!!!

With that said, blame the voters and your fellow board members. It’s their fault!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: If you were speaking to me in person you could get a better sense of my humor and sarcasm! Therefore, here’s the disclaimer… ‘Please don’t blame the voters and your fellow board members.’ 'Cause I’ve had a lot of fun with these polls!


Arghhh no competion at all me maties


This was a tough one. It was between safari and test track. I had to go with test track cause when all is said and done, it makes my heart flutter when I think of it.


I let my hubbie pick this one and since Haunted Mansion isn’t on the poll he picked Pirates of the Carribean


I love Soarin’!


This was defintely a difficult choice. I had to pick Test Track because I always feel the need for speed.


From the ones listed, I went with Splash Mountain.


Soarin i think it is awesome and so does my DGS :wub:


Lets just say I didnt click any beacuse of the poll being closed but I would have choose all of them for many reasons. I just cant pick one… I love them all for the memories… Here goes…

AK - Expedition Everest: I rode this ride for the first time ever in 2007 with my Dsister and my D nephew. I was scared out of my mind.

AK - Kilimanjaro Safari: The last time I rode this we were about to go down the hill thingie and the emergency arm came across and stopped the ride. Something happened to a rider so it was shut down for a while.

EC - SOARIN’: The very 1st time I rode this was in 2006 with my grandmom:wub:

EC - Test Track: The first time I rode this was in 2006 with my DH and kids… I am terrified of getting into a car accident so watching me on this was too funny.

MK - Pirates of the Carribean: I love jack sparrow so thiats why I love this ride.
MK - Splash Mountain: The 1st time I rode this was 2007. Everytime I went to ride it the ride would be closed for something or another. So just as we were about to drop my sister grabbed the back of my shirt… Like that was gonna help her:laugh:
MS - Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: I have NEVER rode this ride and I dont think I will ever. I dont like the thing that keeps u in the ride. I dont like nothing that comes over me.

MS - Tower of Terror:The first time I rode this was in 2006 and my DH helped me get into it. Im scared of heights:eek:


It was a tough decision for me between Soarin’ and Splash Mountain. After having thought this through for a bit I think I have to go with Splash Mountain. I just love that drop!!!:laugh:


We be slowly catchin’ up to Soarin’ unless they call for “Parlay”. Arrghh!:pirate:


Out of the RIDES LISTED, ToT gets my nod. But my favorite ride of all time didn’t make your list (Mission: Space).


Well… I went for the Safari, it is something we both agree on.


I love Soarin’, but the choice was difficult:blush:


Poor Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest only have one vote!