Favorite Ride


Tell everyone your fav ride in this thread.Mine is Test Track.Hyuck!


hmmm, depends on the day. I think right now I’d have to say the teacups - i love the way my girls giggle when we go on them!! also, splash mountain and soarin are right up there. I know its not a ride, but philharmagic is my fav thing to do i think!


There’s nothing more fun than :heart: Splash Mountain :heart:


I don’t think I could possibly choose, but if I must, I would probably say Rock n’ Rollercoaster.


:ohmy: The Haunted Mansion!:ohmy:
(… and it will be closed while we are there:crying:)


Soarin is mine. I am usually afraid of heights, so this is as good as it gets for me!:laugh:


I have so many!!! I think I like very different ones from everyone else though. Does it have to be an actual ride? Carousel of Progress, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Great Movie Ride, Spaceship Earth.


Definitely RR, ToT, Thunder M, & Space M… like them all the same… could not pick just one!


Splash Mountain!


:smile: Expedition Everest :smile:


I am torn between Soarin’ and EE. Can there be a tie?


SpaceShip Earth…hands down #1


Soarin’…it was TOT


Definitely the Tower of Terror.
Most over rated ride is Test Track!!!


Overall favorite - Splash Mountain
sentimental - Carosel of Progress
Thrill- Tower of Terror


I’d have to say ToT. I love the theming and the fact that the ride varies so you never know exactly what you’re going to get. (kinda like a box of chocolates!:laugh: )


Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye!

:redface: Okay, wrong side of the country.

Hmmm… Test Track… I :heart: Maelstrom, but I couldn’t say it’s my favorite… Splash Mountain… Buzz Lightyear (competitivecompetitivecompetitive)… I :heart: Pooh at WDW… Expedition Everest might be a favorite, but I’ve only ridden it once, so it hasn’t become part of me yet… oooh, Big Thunder…

Your question is too hard to answer. :tongue:


I know what Indiana Jones is.
That ride is BEASTLY!!!


:heart: Splash Mountain :wub: Definetly my favourite, I love it :biggrin:
I also like Big Thunder and Haunted Mansion. All great rides, I love the theming :mickey:
My sisters and I also like the teacups, we ride them once every trip and take pictures of us looking crazy :laugh:


Rockin Rollercoaster…hands down.