Favorite Ride/Attraction shootout Vol. 2 - AK


As promised, one week from last Friday here is part two of four for the favorite ride/attraction shootout at WDW! Again, I’m going to start a shoot out between the four parks. I’ll try to start a new thread every friday and then follow it up with a top ride shootout combing the top few rides at each park at the very end.

This week we’ll do Animal Kingdom. Since I am a huge fan of the park, AK gets the second week!!!

Again, I’d also like to make a huge request… You all have been great thus far and have done a superb job of keeping everything friendly thus far. The overrated ride thread and shootout Vol. 1 have been a success. Again I ask that you all do the same here!!! I know this is opinion based, but this should be fun and not start controversy between other’s favorite rides! So, let’s have some fun!

I’m curious to know what you all think. What is your favorite ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? This park is pretty straighforward with less rides and attractions to choose from. Meaning, I didn’t leave much out of this poll. So, place your votes and discuss!

Last, you have two weeks to make up your mind!!!


Seriously, this park has the hardest choice. I love the safari, as it can be so amazing if a lot of the animals are out and about. I also love the Kali River Rapids, but as a Floridian I’ll only go on that during late Spring - late Summer. I’m also about the thrill rides. Of all the coasters at WDW, Exedition Everest is the one that is a must experience once in your lifetime type dealie!

This was a hard choice, but my vote goes to EE. I think I prefer the Kilamanjaro Safari a bit more, but Expedition Everest is the must go on ride at the park (in my book).


Tough decision on this one between EE and Dinosaur. I had to go with EE, the coaster combined with the Yeti makes it a favorite in my book.


favorite ride in AK, dinosaur. however, i haven’t been to WDW since EE has opened. so, who knows, that might make a difference in the future!!


I love the safari just bc I love animals.


OK, this is a tough one too! We LOVE Animal Kingdom. I have a favorite ride and a favorite attraction and now I have to choose. I voted for…


This is a MUST for every trip. There is just something about it that sends chills down my spine when that music starts. My favorite ride would be DINOSAUR but I can only vote once.


That was a tough choice. I voted for Dinosaur, but i love EE and Kilamanjaro as well.


Wow, I didn’t actually think anyone would vote for Festival. Out of my group of friends… I am the only one that likes the show. It kinda reminds me a bit of Cirque du Soleil meets Broadway. It’s worse than pulling teeth to get my buddies inside that theater, even though it is a fun show!


I love Kilimanjaro Safari!!


yeah, that was tough… I chose EE. Actually, I wasn’t too extremely impressed with the ride, but I enjoy big thrills and a smooth track.

Second choice would be DINOSAUR… I also like bumpy rides. They make me laugh.

And Kilimanjaro is another favorite… it’s different everytime!

You forgot Primeval Whirl… that ride cracks me up.


Really, it is the best show/attraction at WDW in MY opinion. If we are ever at WDW at the same time I will go with you to see the Lion King and your buddies can go do something else. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


This was a tough one. I chose Kilimanjaro over EE. I Love EE, but the overall ride experience of Kilimanjaro is so awesome. We love animals and have had some really great encounters, so this is my fav.


Safari - It’s just an extension of my favorite resort in the whole wide world - Animal Kingdom Lodge!


It was a tough choice between the Safari and EE but it came down to EE for me. That is just an awesome ride especially from the front car. We got to ride it for the first time a few weeks ago and man it was worth the wait.


I love EE! DD and I love the end of the ride, and we always duck down and scream! It’s a fun one for us to do together.


Again, I’ll post comments before I vote, mostly because I’m not sure what is favored above the rest.
What isn’t is Kali, which isn’t as good as Grizzly River Run in DCA and can’t compare with Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges at IOA.
It isn’t Dinosaur either, I really dislike the ride motions of the EMVs.
I’m a little confused, Dino Rama isn’t a ride, it’s the entire roadside carnival section, but that includes Primeval Whirl which is a favorite.
I’m torn on EE because it is a good ride, it’s just not a great ride.
The safari’s good, but after you do the sunrise safari and don’t have to suffer the “safari overlay” and instead have the opportunity to ask real questions about the animals of your safari guides and they are able to linger longer for better picture taking, it’s hard to go back.
Bug is your standard 4D attraction and I haven’t caught either show.
I hate to say, I think I like Primeval Whirl better than EE.


I’m the only one to vote for Kali? Actually it was a hard choice. I like the safari and EE but had to go with Kali for my mom! She loves it!




It was close but EE is my favorite!!!


I voted on what i’ve seen and heard about Expedition Everest and hope it doesn’t disappoint. Second choice was Kilimanjaro Safari