Favorite Ride/Attraction shootout Vol. 4 - MGM Studios


Here’s the shootout for the fourth and final park in my What’s your favorite Ride/Attraction polls! This week, I’m featuring MGM (next year Disney Studios)! This should pretty much be a battle over which one you like better between Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror! At least, that’s my guess…

So far everyone has been great. You all have done such a wonderful job of keeping everything friendly. As always, please do the same with this thread

Unlike the previous threads - THIS WEEK YOU ONLY HAVE ONE WEEK TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

Next week will be the shootout between the top overall rides and attractions at all four parks!



It’s my overall favorite ride at Disney… My vote goes to ToT!


The Great Movie ride.:pirate:


This was tough between ToT and RnR but as I prefer Coasters I had to go that way


Rock n roller coaster all the way!!!


I voted ToT all the way!. After being skiddish to ride that (and Rockin Roller Coaster) I did it twice in a row this summer. ToT won out for me for theming, fun, and ‘hang time’…I also didn’t think I was going to be knocked unconscious from it like I did with RnRC because my head kept banging against the harness.


Although I have never been on ToT and I have no plans to ride in the future I am picking ToT under protest, it’s Brenda’s turn to vote! She tries every trip to get me on there and I will not do it but she just loves it. I feel bad that she has to ride it alone but - sorry I just cant.

I would have picked Fantasmic!


I’m not a big fan of any of the rides at this park so I went with Fantasmic. That show is awesome.


Wow, this was a tough one, because I love ToT & TGM, but RnR won out.


Rock and RollerCoaster versus Tower of Terror, short version. You call that a roller coaster? 8 year old kids ride it and don’t think twice!


I just like rockn’roller coaster. It may be short, but it is fun.


I am not a thrill seeker, so I went with my favorite show at the park and I love watching them on TV when I was younger.


r’nrc got my vote. Haven’t done ToT, but thinking I may brave up in November(!), even if I have to go by myself. Still, I’d be surprised if I like it better than the coaster.


It was a tossup between ToT and RnR…Love em both. I went with ToT.


Gotta be RnC! I was suprised after I had voted to see that the ToT was in first place…3% difference. I was not expecting that.


Wow, I didn’t know anyone actually liked The (not so) Great Movie Ride! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


ToT is my favorite ride in all of WDW!!! I love it!!!


It was a close call but i had to go with RNR but TOT was a close second!!:happy:


I voted RnRC!!


So hard!! I voted Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. Although i’m not a big coaster fan (it took me a lot of convincing to get on this ride) this ride is one of the most exsillerating, fun rides i have ever been on!!

Tower of Terror does come close but that gets me excited in a totally different way :blow:

Muppet Vision 3D is close too!! I think its one of the most underated attractions at the World!!