Favorite Show on a DIsney Cruise


For those of you who have been on DCL what is your favorite show that they have in the theatre? We haven’t been a cruise yet and will be on Disney Magic on Sep 24 and are looking forward to it. What show must we not miss while we are on our short 3 night cruise (wish it was longer)…


We took a 4-day on the Wonder and LOVED the Hercules show. Hades was hysterical.


Hercules, Hercules, Hercules! I love Hercules! I hope they have that show onboard. I am not even sure what shows they will be showing on the Magic for that 3 day cruise, since usually Magic does 7 day cruises.


Hercules!! It was terrific! And funny! And lots of fun!:happy:


Disney Dreams is the BEST!!!Don’t miss it.


It’s been several years since we’ve been on a cruise, but if they have a non-Disney show don’t hesitate to give it a try. My favorite show ended up being Mark Nizer (a juggler/comedian) who was just fantastic.



I hate to break it to you, but Toy Story the Musical replaced Hercules. Hercules is no more. :crying:


So has anyone seen the Toy Story production on the ship?


Disney Dreams is great! I suggest not missing any of the theatre shows. They are the best part of the cruise.


I will definitely try and not miss the shows, I really enjoy the entertainment on board and can’t wait to see what Disney has to offer!!


I think Toy Story is only on the Disney Wonder thus far, but I could be wrong!

We absolutely loved Disney Dreams, and Twice Charmed!

The Golden Mickeys were a lot of fun as well!


Toy Story is on the Wonder only.
Here are the shows currently on the Magic:
All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin Variety Show
The Golden Mickeys
Twice Charmed
Disney Dreams
Remember the Magic


Thanks for the list! Will definitely have to check out the shows when on board Magic in September.


Hey Bradintx, Are you going on the Magic this September? Where are you cruising to?

My Family and I are going on the Magic this October! Were giing to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay!:cool:


Hercules was our favorite :heart: but now that it’s gone our favorite is Remembering the Magic. When Tink “sprinkles” you with the fairy dust is just unbelievable!:ohmy:


I am really excited about this! We’ll be on the Disney Wonder from June 28th to July 2nd, '09, for the 4-night cruise. I’ve always heard WONDERFUL things about the shows so I can’t wait to experience it for myself! :smile:


here’s another vote for Disney Dreams!!


Just back from the Disney Magic special 3 day cruise and the shows were great, we saw The Golden Mickeys the first night, Twice Charmed the second night and Disney Dreams the last night and that by far was the best and is the best show I have ever seen on a ship! We were so lucky to see it.


Hey Bradintx, are you going to post a trip report for your cruise? I’d love to hear what you thought, and see some pics!:happy: