Favorite Souvenir?


Have you got one? Maybe a favorite store or even a food you have found you’d like to share with us? WDW or Disneyland info appreciated!

I was taking photos tonight of my little sling back pack and attatched to it is a great little souvenir I bought at DLR last month. It’s a rubber Mickey gasket that is attatched to a rockclimber-style clip. Slip a water bottle through the gasket and attatch the clip to your bag or belt loop and you have a hands free, neck free water holder! I bought it at a souvenir stand next to the sunglass shop that is next to Mullholland Madness, in DCA. It was the best $6 I spent :happy: It’s fantastic and will be making it’s way to WDW next month.


That holder is AWESOME, daisy! :eek:

Gosh, my favorite souvenir…that is hard…

But I guess it should be easy. All I end up buying is a million Mickey beanies! I am just addicted to them, I leave the tags on them and keep them bagged up so that they’ll stay in pristine condition. But I just got a curio cabinet, so soon they get to come out and say hello to the world! :biggrin:

I think I love them so much because they are like a treasure hunt…to find all the different, unique kinds, and it’s great because you can find them all over DL/WDW!

I love getting them from all over…different parks, different attractions, etc. I think my favorite is the Rock n Roller Coaster Mickey, in a tiedye shirt with a bandana on his head. :laugh: So cute!

I haven’t bought any since my last trip to WDW 3 years ago! :crying: I hate to think of all the designs I’ve missed!


What a neat holder!! I can’t wait to get one of those. We bought the one that hangs over your shoulder in 2002 but I didn’t really care for it after I got it. Didn’t like it hanging the way it did. But to be able to clip to your belt or bag, I like that. It would be great for when I walk at the track also. Wish they sold these at the Disney store.


I thought of something else…it’s really random…but the Mickey soap from Basin at Downtown Disney. (Wait, is that store still there? It’s been 3 years since I was there! :laugh:)

But either way they still have Basin at Disneyland…I am addicted to the red Mickey soap, the stuff that’s scented like ginger ale. It smells SO GOOD and gives me a boost of Disney Magic whenever I wash my hands! I have to stock up on a few bars every time I go to Disney. We’ve been out forever…:crying:…DH and I really miss that stuff.


Oops! I forgot to mention my favorite…I always get a shirt from the resort we are staying at. I love wearing it. Sadly, a mouse got into the house this past winter and got into the laundry basket and chewed holes in my shirt. All the shirts in the basket and he chewed that one! Time to go back and get a new one.


Ooh…Basin! Love that store! Lush is just like Basin and stores can be found in the NW area. There is one in Bellevue, WA and then one in Whistler, BC and Victoria, BC…I’m not sure if they have spread to Oregon yet, but all of their great stuff is available online. Have you tried looking up Basin online? If they don’t have it, I may have to keep you in mind on my next DLR trip! :wink:

Back on track, my favorite souvenir lately is my DL sweatshirt. I love it and wear it quite often. I don’t usually buy myself much, but I just adore that sweatshirt for some reason!!! That or my DLR 50th Anniversary CD. I’m addicted to it. I’m shocked that it isn’t worn out yet…:blush:


My favorite was a t-shirt of Disney villains. I got it on a trip in either 1991 or 1994. It had all the big meanies from “Snow White” through “The Little Mermaid.” I’ve looked for a newer one on every trip (I’d love the shirt even more if it had Randall from “Monsters, Inc” and Zerg from “Toy Story!”):laugh:


I love those little face towels that you put in water and they expand. We have quite a collection that we picked up at DL and I’m looking forward to adding a few more when we finally get to WDW.


that is a great idea. what store did you get that?


Thanks SO much for the tip, twist! I didn’t even realize they had a website…:pinch: Doh!

No Mickey soap…:sad:…but so much more stuff that I could get completely addicted to! (Wait. I’m not sure this is a good thing after all!) :laugh:

The Mickey soap must just be a special thing around DLR/WDW. :heart:


Another favorite of mine, and maybe the best value, is a silhouette from DL. My mom has one of me when I was a child, and I have one of my kids. I had the one of my three kids done two summers ago, and paid $13 for two silhouettes and $8 or $9 for a black oval frame with mickeys on it (it looks sort of Victorian, very subdubed). It is one of my favorite treasures :wub:

Do they do this at MK?


:ohmy: I WANT THAT!!! Didn’t think to go in Basin when I was there…


Yes and no. They do those at the Marketplace in Downtown Disney, so its still on WDW property. We have one of those too, of me and my brother together, I was probably no older than 5 at the time. My mom loves it, its a really classy thing to have hanging in the house.

ANYWAY…I have too many souvenirs!! I blame being a CM and being able to shop at property control. :blush: If I had to narrow it down, it would be between my red plush Sebastian claw-mittens or my sorcerer Mickey PJs. (Both were on sale, I’m so cheap :laugh:)


I have to get a Disney salt and pepper shaker every year, except last year I noticed that I had all of them. If they did not come out with a new one I am going to be bumed.


Here is a picture of my favorite souvenir. Mickey sits right on my desk at work holding my business cards. :biggrin:


This is my BELOVED refrigerator magnet in the shape of the monorail… And when you press the button, it says “Por favor mantengase alajado de las puertas.”
(P.S. It is holding up a post card from Dana… when I see those gates for the first time when we get to WDW, I usually start crying, so this card was perfect!!!)


My favorite thing is a pair of Mickey earrings I bought on our last trip. I can wear them every day to have a little bit of Disney with me :happy:


My favorite would probably be the Mickey watch I wear every day


It’s a tie for me. I have a Mickey watch that I wear every day, and my DH bought me a Mickey charm that I wear every moment. I also really like my antennae topper.


I love the shortbread cookies. Actually my whole office loves them. You cannot return from Disney withhout them.