Favorite Souvenir


What is your favorite souvenier you bought while at Disney? Mine was a Mickey Hang Loose T-Shirt that they no longer sell :mad:


My big comfy Christmas sweatshirt with Mickey on it…Love it


I always buy Christmas ornaments, but my absolute favorites are the Mickey and Minney wedding looking ones. They are a cream and gold with marroon, I have them all! Next will be the collectable castle that matches:wub:!
And snowglobes! I buy one every year!


I love my tinkerbell sweatshirt i got on our last trip at the gift shop at the Poly.


1996 DH bought a cuckoo clock in “Germany”

It took him over an hour to pick the one out he wanted


One of my favourite souvenirs is a Tinkerbell hoodie, it’s big, warm, slouchy and cuddly. It looks great over a pair of nice leggings/skinny jeans. :heart:

I also have seen this Stitch t-shirt I would like. :happy:


Years ago, the weather was no cooperating and I bought a Mickey zip up hoodie. My favorite piece of clothing. Never expected to use it as much as I do, to the point it’s starting to look like it’s been worn alot.


On my last trip I got a track jacket from EPCOT. It is white and has Mickey with all of the flags from the countries at EPCOT. DW bought it as a surprise and I really like it!


my favorite is a Mickey Mouse jacket


DH has a tradition of getting a new Mickey baseball cap every year when we go down. Our traditional souvenir musts are Disney salt-water taffy, and the pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and covered in Reese’s Pieces from Goofy’s Candy Company (well I guess that’s more like a snack than a souvenir!!).:laugh:


Yes! The salt-water taffy is a must for DW and me too! There have been a couple of times that we have needed a break and have gone over to Poly for a rest. We snack on the taffy and then catch a quick nap.


I LOVE Disney art! I picked up a beautiful Cinderella Castle from ‘Canada’ in Epcot last time. It was so big that it only just passed as carry on for the flight home. I also picked up Self Portrait after wanting it for about 11 years. I think next time I might pick up the Partners statue if it’s still around. I also have a beautiful mantel clock from my mil that has Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy. My parents surprised me one year with a Mickey water globe and one of those hand drawn pictures of Mickey that you can get done by one of the artist down there. It says ‘if you can dream it you can do it’. They had it done in colors to match my bedroom. I’ll never forget when I opened it I started to cry. It was my favorite Christmas gift ever.


I bought a grey hoodie 2 years ago that has a chocolate brown Mickey head on it with chocolate brown and pink swirly designs on it with little rhinestones here and there. I got it at Tinkerbell’s Treasures, and it is my absolute favorite souviner. I get so many compliments on it because it is so pretty!


My favorite souveniers are probably my Cells! I got one for my 18th Birthday and one for my 21st! Im planning on treating myself to one or two next trip, I can feel a collection coming on lol


The Christmas Castle decoration we bought at the Christmas Store. It only comes out once a year, but is the center piece for one of our display areas.


Our favorite souvenir just turned 2 and is at home playing with his train table.


Oh no, that’s a tough one.

OK, I have two that are tied for first place. The fist is a refrigerator magnet of the Monorail and when you push a button, it plays the “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas.” I love it!!!

The second is a tiny fake camera with a view hole and when you click the lever, it changes to a photo of a different park. Sort of like a Viewmaster, which was my favorite toy as a kid.


:laugh::laugh: That’s the best!


The kids play castle, they play with that thing just about every day…

and for me the framed tinkerbell pictures and statues for every season…


Ok you win! :blush: My sister asked me what I would name that kind of ‘souvenir’ if I came back with one… she was like would you name them Orlando or Disney or Mickey… So I thought for a moment and said, ‘well if it’s a girl I’d name her Kissimmee Now.’ :laugh: