Favorite Theme Park Restuaraunt


What is everyone’s favorite restuarant at the parks? My favorite character meal is Crystal Palace, my favorite restuarant on our last trip was Biergarten Restuarant. I really want to try Jiko and hope to go there on our trip in April.


I’m willing to bet Le Cellier wins this in a landslide. Just to be different though, I’m going to say Hollywood Brown Derby at the Studios. I’m also a huge fan of Teppanyaki at Japan in WS.


For me, Le Cellier and Teppanyaki @ Epcot, Hollywood Brown Derby @ MGM and Crystal Palace @ MK. Don’t really have a favorite @ AK.



I have not eaten at too many places. I really like CP at MK, though.


Hey, Alfredo!!! Where you been hiding!?!?!?! :happy:


My favorite MK restaurant is crystal palace and my favorite epcot one is lecellier. At MGM, I like Momma’s. At AK, we usually go to rainforest cafe.


My favorite at MK is Liberty Tree Tavern. I haven’t been to many though.


Epcot- The Morrocan Restaurant
MGM- Hollywood and Vine
AK- Haven’t tried any


My favorite meal in all of WDW is LE CELLIER!!! That Filet Mignon with Mushroom Rissotto is calling my name…:blush:


Ya know, I never tried Brown Derby! Mainly because I LOVE Cobb Salad but when I saw they use Turkey instead of chicken, it put me off. Have NO CLUE why! I do like Turkey! :laugh:

I am also checking out Teppanyaki when I go in December…a first for us. I can’t wait! I really enjoy Hibachi, so I’m hoping to L:heart: VE it!!!


For MK it is CP. Really the only sit down we’ve eaten at other than Tony’s which we didn’t like.

EPCOT is Alfredo’s but really want to try LeCellier, just have to get DH to go for it. Not much of a meat eater.

AK is Donald’s Restaurantsaurus. Again the only sit down for us at the park.

MGM H&V was good too. Want to try Mama’s.

DTD is House of Blues. Eaten at Planet Hollywood and it is ok and haven’t tried any others.

BW, we absolutely love ESPN Club.

All other sit downs were at resorts.


Brown Derby is my top theme park restaurant.


in the parks has to be Crystal palace in the resorts Ohana’s hands down


Favorite place at MK is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
Favorite place at Epcot is Rose & Crown
Favorite place at Animal Kingdom is Pizzafari
Have not eaten at Studios yet


MK~ Crystal Palace
Epcot~ Garden Grill/ Rose and Crown
AK~ Rainforest Cafe ( havn’t tried any of others yet)
MGM~ Hollywood and Vine
DTD~ Earl of Sandwich/ Planet Hollywood



Oooooh my favourite subject :laugh:

MK : Crystal Palace but yet to try LTT
Epcot : Garden Grill
AK : Rainforest Cafe (The Ribs Yum)
MGM : Hollywood and Vine
DTD : Planet Hollywood though must try Fultons next vacation


Here are my favorites:
[li]MK - Cindy’s Castle for breakfast
[/li][li]Epcot - Restaurant Marrakesh
[/li][li]MGM - Mama Melrose
[/li][li]haven’t eaten at AK, so I don’t know


I can’t decide, maybe after a few years when I’ve tried them all I will come back and vote. :laugh:


MK- Whoop dee doo (I know its not onsite but for us its a MK meal)
MGM- Primetime
AK- other than breakfast (which has had 2 poor experiances) we dont eat there for a sitdown- we have rainforest cafe here in CT and the kids dont like the rest of the food offered
Epcot- We eat all day there! We have never eaten at a sit down there


Wow, this is really a tough one. I love to eat and I eat anything that doesn’t move on my plate. :laugh: So here it goes.
MK Columbia Harbor House (We always go somewhere fast at MK.)
MGM Prime Time Cafe’ (At this time)
AK Rain Forest Cafe’ (I know it’s out side AK but it’s right their at the entrance.)
EPCOT The German Biergarten