Favorite theme parks and rides


My favorite theme park is Epcot, and my favorite ride is Test track.:happy:


My two favorite parks are Epcot and Magic Kingdom. My favorite rides respectively are Soarin’ and Space Mountain!!


Favorite park is HS and my favorite ride is Rockin Rollercoaster…EE at the AK is a CLOSE second.


Love Hollywood Studios and my favorite ride is over at MK it’s Haunted Mansion!!!


I love epcot and my favorite ride is Test Track and Soarin.


AK and the Safari ride is my fav. I also like Epcot and Soarin’.


I think my favorite park is Epcot and my favorite ride is Splash Mountain!


Favorite Park is MK and my favorite ride is…I just can’t decide. I know Rockin’ Rollercoaster is in there somewhere.


My Favorite park is Hollywood studios, and my favorite ride is Rockin-Roller coaster


Really awesome posts you guys! But one thing… I LOVE ALL DISNEY THEME PARKS!!! (and rides):laugh:


My favorite park is MK. My favorite ride is Soarin’.:happy:


Fav park is AK and fav ride is RRC at DHS.


Favorite park is MK and favorite ride is Soarin’. My favorite thing (even more than rides) is the Animation Academy at DHS!


Love all the parks. All have unique features. AK - Safari with EE a close second; MK - Splash; HS - ToT with RnRC a close second; EPCOT - Soarin’.


My favorite ride of all is Aerosmith’s Rock’n Roller @ Hollywood Studios … but my favorite park is Magic Kingdom … but HS is REALLY i mean REAALLLYYY close behind. The thing is every park has something I like.

MK : Space Mountain & Haunted Mansion
HS : RnRc & TOT
Epcot : Test Track & Spaceship Earth
AK : Dinosaur & EE


I dont know what it is about them but I love Its a Small World, Carousel of Progress, and Peter Pan !!! so obviously my favorite park is MAGIC KINGDOM :slight_smile: