Favorite Time To Visit?


When’s your favorite time of year to visit Walt Disney World? Or Disneyland?


September for WDW, October or January for DL! :happy:


I voted spring but not spring break, I like May. That is my favorite time!!


I went to DL in the end of July and loved it. As for WDW I would say January or February, less crowds and the weather is still nice enough especially for us northerners to wear short sleeves and shorts.


I’m most comfortable with Fall. Still warm during the day, and a light jacket at night is perfection to me. Doesn’t hurt that it’s less crowded also!


I love March for the weather and no crowds, I love June for the crowds, where kids have the fresh excitement for being out of school. I love September for the lack of crowds (but not the heat)… And I love December for Christmas…

Basically I love it for every season and for every thing that is different in each season…
I could go anytime…

I voted for anytime…


Will usually go in the first or last week of Oct and the 1st week of May. Crowds are not the bad and the weather is pretty good…except for Love Bug season in May


We’re anytime folks. This lousy real estate market now dictates everything.


I could not have picked a 2 better times. Those are great times.


Mid- to late-Wisconsin winter isn’t a choice? :laugh:

Really, mid- to late-Wisconsin winter. Florida warmth, Disney magic . . . :mickey:


Spring for us!! We LOVE May! Perfect time to go.


Food and Wine Festival & MNSSHP, October baby!!!


ANYTIME!!! :heart:


I knew you would come up with that cause you Do go anytime, I mean all the time. I am not complaining, I wish I could.:laugh::laugh::laugh::mickey:


I voted for Fall, but in Oct it’s not hot and humid when we go. We’ve even had to buy jackets and sweatshirts while there because it’s gotten so cold in the evenings. Oct is the best because of F & W fest.


I also voted Spring Break but we normally go in mid May and it is a perfect time. Excellant weather, low crowds and barely any rain!


Halloween is my favorite time to go, but I have to go when I can now. It’s unforuntately going to have to be August until DD graduates.


I voted for anytime. We try to go in different seasons so we can see all the different things going on. But one of my favorite times is between late October and early Nov. so we can see the Halloween decorations and the Food & Wine Festival.


I love the beginning of September. The most important thing for us is low crowds. And I’d rather be hot than cold. Our last two trips in January were freezing! No more winters in Florida for us!


I’ve always loved the holidays and decorations…the Christmas Spirit PLUS the Disney Spirit is magic times 2.
However, now that I do the marathon every January, I’m beginning to love the low January crowds, the cool weather, and a few leftover decorations in the resorts.