Favorite Toy


What’s your favorite Toy from Toy Story?
I shouldn’t have to say mine.


One voter in 1 hour?
C’mon now, don’t be shy!


I was always a Woody fan–i honestly cried when he got replaced by Buzz in TS 1


Uh, you forgot Mrs. Potato Head!! I love when she is packing the Mr. for the trip…“I packing your angry eyes…”


They are all great, it’s hard to pick just one!


That was tough…I had to vote Other…I know this is random but I really like that spelling toy. :laugh: :wacko:


I don’t have to say mine either.


This is a hard vote when there is this many to pick from!!! :laugh:


Jessie - she rocks :slight_smile:


I love those green Army men! I had soooooooo many as a kid, and now my sons have soooooooo many as well!! :laugh: :laugh:


Bo Peep…


This was a tough poll little bro…but I picked Hamm…even though I like all of them…including that little shark guy that pops out of the chest to make fun of woody…and the little weebles always in the background…oh and the barrel of monkeys!!!


That is sooooooo hard for me as Toy Story is my favorite movie of all time!!!

I chose Buzz, but I love Woody, and Hamm, and slinky and Rex pretty much all of them!!! :rolleyes:


Mr. (and Mrs.) Potato Head! We have about 5 million different pieces and we play with them all the time so it is only fitting that he is my choice.


Wheezy the penquin


I love both Mr. Potatohead and Hamm, but I had to go with Hamm regardless of the avatar. Hamm has my type of humor. :laugh:


Oh boy this is a really tough one… Over all I love them all but if I can only pick one I’d have to pick Rex… With Buzz as my next favorite… Something about “To infinity and beyond” I love that line.


Doesn’t anyone but me like Lenny? C’mon! Have a heart, people! Just kidding! I like how Rex is in the lead, for I’m also a big fan of his.


All this time I thought his name was Squeaky. I have to change my vote!



Oh, Sorry.
Sigh First I forget Mrs. Potato Head, then I list Wheezy as Squeaky.
I may be forgetful, but don’t think this shows I’m not the biggest Toy Story fan on DC!