Favorite WDW picture FRAMED


R2G was so kind to email a copy of the castle fireworks photo which I thought was the coolest photo of all! I had an 8x10 print made and framed it today. It’s going on my wall at work. :smile: These pics don’t do it justice but this is what it looks like. . .
(Thanks R2G! You rock. :happy:)


That’s beautiful. It looks like a print you would buy in a store!! Having that hanging on my wall would definitely make me smile.:happy:


Wow! Very nice!


That is gorgeous!!! Very nice!


Awesome! That’s a great view for the office! :wub:


I remember you asking for a copy, so glad you got it. You’re right, R2G does rock.:wub: Picture looks beautiful by the way. I bet your co-workers will be jealous, or at least they should be.:laugh:


How cool! That is an awesome picture!


That is an incredible photograph for your wall at the office, and even more special because it was taken by one of our own… what a wonderful, special piece of art!


Exactly. :happy:

(I promised R2G he’d get all the credit for the outstanding photography. :happy:)


It is beautiful…so much so that I want one.:blush:


That is so nice, that may be the best fireworks picture I’ve seen.


AWESOME picture.


Wow what an awesome pic. Did R2G take it? It’s awesome, my DH just bought a very expensive camera. Hopefully he can figure it out before our April trip and get pics even half as nice as this.


Yes, R2G takes phenomenal photos!!! I loved this one so much when he posted it that I asked him if I could make a print of it. I’m so glad he said yes! :happy:


:blush::blush: Glad you liked it so much. I was just lucky to get the shot…does help to have such a really good subject.:smile:


Such a perfect picture. I wish I knew how to use my camera like that.


Wow what fantastic photos and they look even better in those lovely frames.


Oh my, that is stunning!