Feb. thoughts


Since DH just started his new job and doesn’t have any vacation time, he’s suggesting that I take DS(5) to WDW by myself. I’m excited about that and DS and I travel well together, so no problems there. We can pack fairly light with only 2 of us and we’ll use ME, so luggage isn’t an issue. I’m going to have to take him out of school, but he’s only in K, so that’s not too bad. My parents might join us, but basically I’m planning for just the 2 of us and if they join us, they’ll just do what we’re planning.

I’m looking at either one of the first 2 weeks in Feb. I’ve been that time of year before and loved it…very comfortable, light jacket for nights. We can do water parks around here, so that’s not a draw for us anyway.

My question (finally): I’m seeing discounts for fall right now, should I just wait a little while, since we’re still fairly far out for some winter discounts? I’m just interested in cheap room rates. The dining plan doesn’t really appeal to me, although I’d do it if it were free. I’m I just getting excited and need to wait a little while to plan?

Also, any tips would be appreciated! We’ve been to WDW before, but he was only 2 and I had DH to help!


Usually if you book something now. You can apply discounts that come out later. You just need to keep checking to see if they introduce something. You could also book through AAA. They might have some discounts now. Just call your local AAA office to find out. February is a great time to visit. We were there last February and the parks were very busy but not really any long wait times on rides. It did get really cold at night. We needed winter coats.


I agree, I would book now and keep an eye on any special rates or promotions. That way, you at least have a room. Have a great time. I just took DD4 for her birthday and it was so nice being that it was just the 2 of us. DH and DS are great, but I loved it being just her and I!


I’d support the book right away position, then wait for latIer discounts. I have done that in the past myself. One time I had to change from one All-Star to another to get the special rate, but that was no big deal for us.

I’m booked for January, so I’ve been checking various sites for any discounts coming out. At this point, I’ve not seen anything for Jan or Feb yet. We’ll keep watching together, I guess.


I agree. You can book your trip now and just watch out for the codes and apply them later. OR you could just wait! I think that’s wonderful you’re taking your child to WDW even though your husband can’t go. I hope your parents can make it too so you’ll have alittle help and adult conversation.