February 11 DC Meet 'n Greet


Attention all Florida locals and DCer’s at the “World” on Saturday February 11. Lil’ & I want to meet you!!!

How about dinner at Spoodles that night???

Erin is already planning on it, and Doughnut and Honeybear have mentioned meeting in another thread. So let’s just get the whole gang together for a blow out!

Attendance is MANDATORY for DarthTortoise and all resort snobs (EJ). If you have “Tigger” in your username, you should be there as well.

But here’s the deal. I’ve got to make ADR right away. So I need a final count by December 26. Then I’ll make ADR on December 27.

Please post here if you can make it. Then PM me with the number of people in your party.

Oh, and send PM’s to people you know should be responding. So they are aware of this thread.



Doughnut and HoneyBear shall be there!


I’ll miss you by just a few short weeks again! This happened to us last year too…oy vay, one year Cavey…one year



Any idea what time? We want to go but I am going to have to try to re-arrange some of our current plans?



palmickey! I was just going to PM you! Hope you can make it!! :tongue:


We will be there! Just need to re-arrange some PS we had but that is not a problem! We would much rather see all of you. Thanks for thinking of me Doughnut! :mickey:


You can count one more person in! As long as I am not scheduled to work at that time, I will definitely be there. :happy:


No idea for now. It depends on what time I can get an ADR for a large group. I actually booked it for my tribe at 6pm that night, but I don’t think we can show up with 15 after I booked 5. :tongue:


Oh, and while my heart is set on Spoodles, can I assume it’s alright to find another restaruant IF our group size can’t be booked that night?


That’s fine just wanted a general idea so I can figure out how I want to change our plans that day. :mickey:


I would love to say I would be in, but I can’t count or plan on anything that far in advance yet… sorry depends if I have a job by then… Grin

Princess keep me posted on this please


Princess will definitely keep you posted!! :heart:

There are 5 in my party! So, we are like 1/3 of that 15! Haha!


You just tell us where and when and we will be there!


We will miss you all by three weeks. Someone please take a camera and get some pictures, but not any of Cavey. I have seen enough of him lately. I am still blind in one eye.


I promise to immortalize the meeting in pixels. :wink:


I will be there in my heart :heart: Have a great time and you all better have a great big DC family picture ready to post!!! :wub:


Is it the right or the left eye? 'cause that butt picture blinded me in both!!! :tongue:


Hahahaha!!! I’m still having twitches from that same picture!!


I will be stalking Cincy.


… I don’t suppose you guys would considering moving your ADRs so I can join you too? Maybe, like, uh, I don’t know… to February 21st??? LOL! Love to join you but you are a week or so too early for me! Awwwww.


I’ll be there with bells on!! My next door neighbor’s nephew is the manager of Spoodles,so when they get home from their Christmas trip,I will ask them for their nephew’s phone number so we can make sure we’ll get a big enough table.