February 2014


Looking to go in Feb. 2014. I seen on Mousesavers that there is a room-only discount during Jan-April 2014. Can I apply any of these discounts to the campground? The price for a campsite during the time we want to go is 143.00 per night.


Unfortunately, no. You can apply them to a cabin only at Fort Wilderness.


Will there be any discount vacation packages coming available that we could possibly use?


Can you go a different time of year? They are about $54 for a regular campsite in August—that popped up when I was looking for resorts myself…


Campsites are always excluded from all discounts. You can do the “Stay, play and dine” for check ins up until 3/5 or a room discount offer for up until 4/12 - not campsites for either though.


Okay, thanks everyone.