February discounts?


Does Disney usually offer discounted rates for Feb? My best friend and I are considering a trip to celebrate our being friends for 20 years in early Feb. It would be a short 4 day trip but a second trip for both of us this year!!! We’ve both been so many times with our own families but never together. We’d be kid and husband free! :smiley:


I believe they do offer AP discount rates. February itself is value season.


This is true . . . we are passholders, and I already booked for Feb, and was told that they release AP, FL resident rates about two months before (so Dec). I was told if I see a lesser rate before I check in I can call and get that rate . . . ask when you call! Right now I have POFQ for $149/night check in Feb 8.


AP won’t help me but thanks! I guess I’ll have to settle for paying full value price. :wink: Not sure where we’re staying yet but we’ve priced CBR since it’s our fave. We were considering something maybe fancier since it’s just the 2 of us and we’ll be splitting the costs of course.


I go in February every years and there is always a discount available. I usually book in September( Sept already :eek: ) and then callback when the discount come out and have it apply to my reservation.


Thanks alex! Have you gotten a discount other than AP in the past? I imagine we’ll book it after I return from my trip in a few weeks. Although, it’d be all kinds of fun to see 2 Disney trips booked under my name at the same time! :smiley: My best friend’s DH is fine with us going but we still have to convince my DH. He doesn’t want to pay for 2 Disney trips in a matter of 4 months. I think we won’t bother asking though, we’ll just book and I’ll pay for my half with Christmas bonuses from my clients and my birthday money. Then he can’t complain about it! :smiley: HAHA!


It was always a room discount non AP. A few times it was a Canadian discount but that won’t help you. :glare:


LOL, no, a Canadian discount won’t help little Midwestern me. :slight_smile: Sounds like we need to book when I get back and then keep an eye open for a room discount. Thanks!


Yes very good discounts for AP, you should get a really good rate. We are going in February as well.


Someone told me this trick… I think it was Daisee. Just buy one annual and you shall receive the incredible discount!


1 AP isn’t worth the cost for me. It’s only a 4 day trip and I really don’t think I’ll be going back before it expires. We already bought our tickets for our trip coming up in Oct. :frowning: Oh well. Thanks for the idea though! That’s a good one…I wouldn’t have thought of that!


darn double post!!!


Some time around the begining of November, there should be a discount code released for Jan. 7 - Feb. 20ish. We got it last year and the discount was free upgrade to park hopping, water parks and more and 25% off the room. It saved us $800!


Thanks Jen! That discount would definitely help us!


If the babymoon is a success, you wouldn’t exactly be kid-free, now would you? :whistling I think you’d notice at least some effects.


Well, aren’t you just clever!? :wink: Yes, I suppose you’re right. We have anticipated that being the case.


You could buy one AP and that will still get you the discounts. It might save you a bundle


Or, you could move to Florida and take advantage of the Florida Resident rates. That’s a great way to save money! …And be closer to Disney. That’s one heck of a win, win situation. Oh, and we also don’t have state income tax! Viva Florida!


We do the same, I think last year it was the Plus Pack for free!


HAHA! Well, seeing as how my husband is the bread-winner in our household, we can’t move away from his job here in Missouri. Especially since I won’t be working when we have kids. He’s pretty high up in his company and moving would be bad since he’d have to start from the bottom again. And, I’d miss my Missouri winters!!! I love, love, love snow! I’d love to be close to Disney year round but it’s just not happening. :wink: