February (Mid-Winter Break) or April (Easter Week)


DS will be in 4th grade and DD will be in 2nd grade next year and they’ve voiced their opinions that they do not want to be taken out of school for vacation next year, so that leaves us with going to WDW during one of their school breaks. I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on the following two weeks. I know it will be more crowded and we won’t get to do as much as normal but hopefully we’ll be staying at either the POLY or AK with a Savanah View so we can enjoy the resort also.

If you had to choose between going to WDW in mid-February (our Mid-winter break) or April (Easter Week) which would you choose?

Thanks all!


I’ve been to WDW on Easter break, at least the week before Easter, and the parks were crazy busy. In fact they closed the MK the one day to non Disney guests because there were so many people. Avoid it.


When is your Spring break? Not everyone has that same week off. My guess would be to go on your Spring break. I don’t think I have ever heard of a child not wanting to miss school to go to Disney. Whenever we have taken the kids out of school especially at that age the teachers would give them a special assignment to do in place of their regular work.


Ours here in FL (Palm Beach County) starts 3/27 and goes until 4/3!

I called Disney today to book Easter weekend . . . I was told there were rooms at all the values available! :confused: BUT they were still using black out date pricing? The CM kinda laughed when I told him “I’d think about it, and did he think there would be rooms left?”

He said “Yes, plenty, I’m sure!” (surprising for Easter weekend)

Anyway . . . $165/night for POP, is STEEP to me, when I’m used to passholder rates! :whistling but we’ll see!


I would pick winter break.


Just considering crowds, you’ll be better off in February. Those days are rated between 5 and 7, while Easter time is rated 9 many days.


I would avoid Easter week like the plague! 5 of my first graders…out of 19 just in my class…are going to Disney for Easter.


WOW! That is quite a ratio!


I know…it’s soo strange. I haven’t heard of any other 1st graders going so it may just be my class has all the Disney freaks. It figures though right.


Yep! You should do a FUN Disney “learning” projects . . . feed those little fires! :angel:


We always had to go during Easter break since DS was 4. This year we went March1-8 and froze for the first 3 days :eek: It also was more crowded than we expected it to be. Most likely from the Buy 4 get 3 deal. The weather is great in April and as long as you expect crowds you will be alright. We just went in to the parks later and stayed to the end of EMH!!


Thanks all for your advice, I really appreciate it.


I had to make the SAME decision this year. We always take DS (7) out of school but next year he will be in 3rd Grade and will be Mainstreaming as well. I don’t want to take him out of school AT ALL next year. We have been to WDW President’s weekend before and while it was crowded, it was NOWHERE near as crowded as the summer. So we decided on President’s WEEK next year. A main reason we chose President’s week instead of Easter week, is the fact that not all school districts have off that week like we do.

We arrive on Saturday 2/13, stay at a Value for the night and then we will move to BLT on 2/14 for the week.

When would you be going in Feb?

Good luck with your decision!


We are heading down next year a couple days before Easter and spending the week after there. It will be warmer but the crowds will be horrible!!! We know this going in so we will plan accordingly including hitting the parks at opening and taking advantage of EMH and leaving to go back to the resort mid-day to avoid the worst of the crowds. Hope this helps!


Neither! LOL :laugh:


Definitely mid-February. There are a few events going on at that time that make it a bit more crowded, but it’s still relatively light in comparison to the week of Easter. (We went to MK the week of Easter back when we had APs… all we got done was TTA, the riverboat, and Hall of Presidents. :laugh: We got FPs for Space Mountain at 9 am that could be redeemed at 10 pm!)