February or may


hi all i hope everyone is having a great holiday . so dh wants to take a few days and go down… we are either going to go in february or may. opinion please i have to book it as south west is having a fare sale. we are looking at weather and crowds


I’d go in February.
Crowds and temps are lower than May.
Plus there’s no threat of love bugs in February like there is in May.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1097966]I’d go in February.
Crowds and temps are lower than May.
Plus there’s no threat of love bugs in February like there is in May.[/QUOTE]

thanks soundgod. but we are just concerned how low the temps are… we are coming from pa and dont want cold.


I’ve gone around that time a lot and the temps are a heck of a lot better then PA that time of year.

I really prefer the winter, as mentioned temps and crowds. The other thing it is so nice to get away from the snow and slush that it seems warm even in the 70s!



If it is early in May it would be a hard choice for me. Late May starts family season with schools in the south starting to let out. But you could also run into school trips that time of year. It’s usually not too hot at that point, though we have had periodic 90’s in early May.

Feb is a toss up. Usually slow with minimal wait times. You can still get the school trip or two. We have faced Feb temps in the 80’s one day and 40’s the next, getting darn close to the 30’s at night. Lines were way down, but our last Feb trip we only had one full day and one afternoon during the 8 days to use the pool.


I would also go in February, but the weather can be a bit iffy. The weather is a lot cooler than it will be in May, but the crowds are a lot less than in May. For us, it is a nice break to the winter.


We’ve done both of those times, and we’re Pennsylvanian as well, so we may have some helpful perspectives.

We found the crowds and wait times in Feb somewhat lower than May, but both are fine. Temps for us in Feb were comfortable “light jacket” weather most of the time(The Floridians would not agree) I wouldn’t take alot of shorts or plan on water parks in Feb, but we did get into the resort pool a couple of times, even in Feb. If you’re in a moderate level hotel, they have hot tubs which were very popular, even in the cooler weather.

May actually got somewhat hot in the mid-afternoon, but was comfortable for most of the day. Our “northerner’s” skin may not be ready for the Florida sun at that time of year, so don’t forget sunscreen and hats. Lines were a bit longer, so we’d be at the park at rope drop, hit the “biggies” up until lunch. After lunch we’d go back to the hotel for awhile, or Downtown Disney, then hit the parks again when everyone starts to leave for dinner. Water parks are definitely “in” for the May planning.

I think it may be a personal preference kind of thing, but either time is good.

Hope we helped!


we actually just booked febr 1 to the 7th and got our air fares are $102 round trip so February it is… thanks


Hope you have a great trip.


month of may will be better…

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:goofybounce::goofybounce::goofybounce:[QUOTE=faerie dust;1097975]we actually just booked febr 1 to the 7th and got our air fares are $102 round trip so February it is… thanks[/QUOTE]

Hope you have a great time. We are almost single digits!


I am in agreement. It is an extremely hard choice between the two. That being said, the first week of February is seriously perfect to me. Mild temps, short lines…no need for fast pass and VALUE season prices. I would have to go with that choice. If you had to go toward the later part of the month, like the last week of February, I would choose the first week of May over that any day.


There’s almost no way that it will be warmer in Pennsylvania than it is in Orlando in February.
And if it is in the low 40’s in Orlando, you’ll probably have 0 degree daytimes back home.
Yes, temps can swing all over the place, but generally, if it’s cold in Florida, the rest of the nation is an icebox. And even if it’s cool at night, it will usually be pleasant during the daytime.


We are looking at a short trip Feb 8 to 11. . .before Feb break in Maine. It looks like crowds are bad around Presidents Day.

Have fun!


I have been twice in Feb. and will NEVER go at that time again. I absolutly LOVE May. The temps are fantastic and have never had an issues with love bugs. Feb. was brutally cold. I hate cold so that month is out for me.


what do you consider cold , coming from pa… we get excited when it hits 50… and 40s are considered mild we are locked into February so as it is only one trip we will make the best of it.


I think February will be fine. . chilly at night, but coming from the North as well, I think you will enjoy the break from the brutal cold. Plus the pool is always heated to 80!