February Vs. August


Anyone have a prefrence. We have always gone the last week of August but I am thinking on taking the family in Feb. I just got off the phone and got a rate of 1110.00 at POP Century for 7 nights. Anyone have any advice (crowds, weather) Any input would be great.


As long as you are not wanting to do much at the water parks, I’d vote for February. Lighter crowds, nice weather. The only thing is shorter hours, but with lighter crowds and the extra magic hours, it should work perfectly!


As long as you avoid President’s Day Weekend, February is great. There are some great discounts in February right now as well, did you get them?

We were there last August, and not too many crowds (it was the last week), but it was hot and humid. I can’t imagine dragging the kids through that all day long.

If it were me, I would go in early February, and leave before 2/15. You may get fantatic weather, it may be cool, but it shouldn’t be crowded, and I would much rather have it 60 and sunny than 100 and horribly humid.


Follow Mickey’s advice. February definitely is better all-around.


We go in Feb every year. We leave on the 10th and return the day before presidents day. It is perfect weather and no lines. Would not go any other time of year except Christmas one time. Maybe in 2007


I would avoid August if I were you. School is out, and crowds will be high. Also, it can rain rain rain rain rain in August!


HoneyBear and I are going in February! If anyone would like to join us on our “Splash Mountain Marathon” let me know! palmickey is going to take her maiden voyage with us!!! Yay!!!


Doughnut, I definitely want to join you and HoneyBear for a few trips into the Briar Patch!


August is HOT February is NOT.
Enough said. :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:


I agree with what everyone else has said–go with February! I went last summer and the heat and humidity can make one very sick as I found out if you aren’t used to it (since I come from a dry air state). February sounds very pleasant to me. :mickey:




I agree with February, sans Pres. Day weekend. I went the last week in August this year and yes, it was pretty slow but it was SOOO brutally hot and we got the normal downpours EVERYDAY!


We have been at WDW in both Feb and Aug. I’d follow the advice of others and go in Feb. As Mickey said avoid President’s Day Weekend and it should be great.
A word of advice, it can be really cold at night so be prepared!
I will take a cold night over a hot and humid day/night everytime!


Hmm…if everyone seems to love February, then why is August so crowded?!


One word…“KidsOutOfSchool” :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


You betcha!!! It would be a blast to be sure! I hope we can meet up when we come down! It would be awesome! :tongue:


Since I teach, I normally can only go in the summer. We have gone every
August for the past 7 or 8 years. It is very,very, hot. We drink lots and lots of water and swim every day. We will be going in January,which is great but the kids will be disappointed if it is too cold to swim. Feb. is better weather, unless your kids are waterparkaholics.


Water parks are open year round. Compared to PA in Jan it should feel like summer day. :wink:


I will concur with everyone who suggested February. I wish I could go then, but, alas, Carol can’t get off work for that long–she’s a teacher, and they only get three days a year.


February gets my vote over August any day not only because of crowd levels but also because of weather. Any time I’ve been to Orlando in June-July-August it’s been a melt fest. And then standing in lines in the sun doesn’t help much either!