February Weather?


We just booked our trip (with free dining :laugh:) in February… First two weeks. I’ve never been at this time of year. What can you tell me about the weather?


It’s definitely our coolest month here. Lows can be in upper, or mid, 30s. Highs are usually in the 60s. Sunny a lot though.


February is AWESOME but don’t tell anyone…bring pants, sweater or some pull over or a jacket for mornings and evenings. Lows can be in the 30’s and the highs will be low to mid 70’s.

It is dry season so very very little chance of rain and lots of blue skies and starry nights.


Crowd-wise it’s pretty good… My dh loves that time - it’s rarely higher than the mid-70’s which he thinks is great. It’s very comfortable for the parks, but still a little chilly for swimming.


Since I hate the cold, I won’t ever go back in Feb. If you don’t mind the cold weather,than it is a great time for low crowds. I have been there 2 times in Feb. and it was freezing. But again, it is a hit or miss.


I’m with Mousemom. Too cold for me. I don’t like shivering at Disney. Seems wrong not to be in shorts when you are in Florida.


It’s really perfect and I am a native Floridian!


Too cold for me, but I’m from the North so when I vacation I want it to be warm. It was cold enough for our winter jackets in 2005 for many of the days we were there, but did reach 80 one of the days so we were able to wear shorts and T-shirts.




I know,right? Unless I am going sking in the mountains somewhere(and trust me, that won"t happen) I want warm when I go on vacation. Thats why I will never leave Florida.


Was decent for us the last time we were there in Feb. We wore jeans almost everyday, jackets or hoodies in the mornings and evenings and tanks and T’s in the afternoons, when we thought it was really warm.


The crowds are low but it can be cold.


And I’ve seen plenty of 70 and even 80 degree days.
Yes, plenty of rain free days.
The past couple years have been colder than average though. Then again, so has the rest of the country. Meaning, if it’s in the 40’s overnight and 50’s during the day in O’ville, it’s probably 0 all the way from Chicago to NYC and from Boston to DC and St. Louis.


My thoughts exactly. It’s my very favorite time of year to go…jean jacket or hoodie in the morning and t-shirt & shorts or jeans in the afternoon, and no getting all hot & sweaty! The whole place seems more beautiful and romantic in the winter when there aren’t swarms of people and 100+ heat indices. Hope you have a great trip!


Thanks! Glad to hear it. My grandma is along for the ride this time and I thought it would be easier than braving the heat! How about rain? A lot of rain around this time?


It’s a crap shoot. Especially recent years.
I wouldn’t let the weather deter you unless you’ve got your heart set on going to BB every day and hanging out in the hotel pool.


Good info! We’re going the first week of Feb and I was wondering the same. We always go in May or August and it’ll be nice not to be melting and fighting crowds.


I’ve only been once in Feb (President’s Day weekend) and it was quite cool in the mornings and at night but mid-day, definitely short sleeves and sunny. I wouldn’t dare go swimming though. Very, very low crowds and honestly it didn’t seem any cooler than some of our Oct trips. Like others have said…hit or miss.