Ok, our big extended family trip had been planned for April of 2011 during school vacation up here in New England. Thanks to the point reallotment that just came out, my parents will now be short of some points to make that trip happen. They are willing to rent points from someone else if necessary.

HOWEVER, I have been thinking that perhaps we should reschedule for February vacation in 2011 (President’s Day week). Historically, the airfare is less expensive at that time, we won’t be dealing with Easter crowds and we definitely have enough points to make it happen, in fact we can offer everyone an extra night with our points.

The issue is that some in our extended party are not so excited about the prospect of colder weather in February. They went a few years ago in April and found the weather perfect. I know that February can be iffy, but I started my CP in February (a million years ago) and remember the whole month being beautiful. It didn’t rain once and the temperature was pleasant.

Has anyone gone in recent Februarys that can tell me about the temperature, specifically? I did a search for the weather during that week over the past 3 years and got the average temp in the low 70s, but I am wondering about how cold it felt in the mornings and evenings?

Thanks! And sorry for the extra wordy post. I can never explain myself succinctly! :blush:


Friends of ours went over President’s day week a couple years ago. They said it was chilly for light jackets in the morning, but by the afternoon they were in shorts and t-shirts. They didn’t do much pool time, but they aren’t big swimmers either, so that could have been a factor.
Weather is always a bit of a gamble, who would have thought that we’d have the same weather as Florida a few weeks ago!:ohmy:


We have gone the past 2 years in February and the weather was completely different both times. Two years ago, it was shorts and tshirts during the day and sweatshirts at night. Last year, it was freezing cold and there were times that I wished I had packed my winter jacket. This year we had to move our trip to March, so I am hoping the weather isn’t as unpredictable.


I have been 3 different times in February and all 3 were different weather wise. It can be rainy one day, cold the next and then warm the next. The later in February will go the more consistent the weather will be. I just wnat warm weather this February 1-8 but then again anything about 60 is warm compared to where I am now.


We been in Feb the past three years some days were shorts and tee shirts, and others light jackets and pants. But each time the parks were not busy at all.