Fee for holding a shipped package?


I read someplace that POR charged like 20$ for holding your package you shipped to your resort. Tell me this not so!!!

I can not imagine its cost effective if thats the case to ship drinks etc and then pay 20$ for it to be held


I don’t think so everywhere that I have ever stayed it is free!


Ship drinks? Never thought of that - we go out to the real world to Gooding - home of the best Key Lime Tart - DW and I love the tarts (maybe why that is why the It’s a Small world boats are sinking HA HA)


They do not charge you to have a package shipped to yourself. That being said, it’s more cost efficient to order groceries from gardengrocer and have them delivered to your resort…the shipping costs are going to kill you on shipping cased drinks to yourself at WDW…doesn’t make sense.