Feel like you are forgetting something?


I’m down to 30 days and just have that feeling that I am forgetting to do or plan something :wacko:

If anyone wants to throw out their last minute (or months) to do list here, maybe that will help me and others?

Or if this thread is a dumb idea…PLEASE delete it!!



Check all reservations (hotel, plane etc)
Check all PS times
make a packing list of clothes you need
make a list of all medications your family takes and check you have enough for the trip

If you want a complete packing list too, send me your email address and I’ll email you my SUPER packers list.

Relax, you are just starting to have pretrip panic. The key to not forgetting anything is making lists.


Cancel the newspaper for those days you are gone. Also, have someone get your mail.
I am the same way you are…I’m always afraid I will forget something.


I think it sets in at about 30 days away…the day you sit down at DC and can’t think of anything to ask…or anything to plan…now it’s just a waiting game!!! Happens to me every time!


Thanks for the thread Buzz! We’re leaving in 30 days, too…I need to start making lists. :laugh:


Yes…all you lucky people in the “30 Day Club!!!”


I’m totally feeling that way! Especially with everything going on at work right now, I don’t even have time to think about trip planning – and that makes everything even more confusing! Have I cancelled the rental car?? Have I booked the towncar?? Have I called for the Disney Dining Experience card?? Did I buy a new bathing suit?? Did I confirm the flights?? Did I check on the hotel requests?? Did I find a cat sitter?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!


one of us always forgets our toothbrush. I started buying extras and packing them in my suitcase. Its not that big of a deal, but if your hotel does not sell them you have to go out and buy them it takes away from Disney time!


I’m going in a little over 17 days…and we still do not have our Disneyland Tickets! I’m going with my friend and her mom…hopefully they will order them soon! (Jay if you’re reading this, make your mom buy those passes)


Pet Instructions if you are leaving your pet/pets with anyone.
Thats the one I was forgetting!!!


LOL!! This is the first one we do! We are obsessed with the care of our pets, so we always make sure they are well taken care of before we go!

Buzz, I get the same way when we get closer and closer to our departure time! I always feel as though I am forgetting something! It’s only when we are safely on the plane and under way, that I can finally relax! If I’ve forgotten anything at this point, I can always get it at our destination!

Excuse me, stewardess, can I have another drink please? Thanks!.. :blink: