Feelin' a little depressed


Ok, so I will come right out and admit it - I’m feeling really sorry for myself that we may not be able to take our annual WDW trip in Feb '07. Now don’t get me wrong, it is for good reason - we are expecting a new addition to the family in early Dec! But I still want to stomp my feet and demand to go to WDW!!! We normally start to plan our trip this time of year, so I’m sure that is why I am feeling so sorry for myself.

My question to you all is this - If you were able to afford it (which is still a big question at this point), would you take a baby that is only about 2 mos old to WDW? We took my son for the first time when he was about 9 mos and we had a great time, but I’m thinking 2 mos is probably going to be a lot different. I probably should mention that we would not be spending all of our time at WDW (probably only a few days, actually) and that my dad rents a huge house for us all to stay in while we are in Orlando, so we would have plenty of “down time”. But I’m still skeptical. What do you all think? Has anyone vacationed this early after having a baby?


I have, like you, taken a 9 month old. I don’t know what it would be like with a 2 year old. I guess you would have to get to know they little one first and see how easy going they are. I meant 2 month old, it was early when I posted this!


Hi, Boucher! I have taken a six month old and we did just fine. There was only on time that we pushed her too hard and she let us know it. We actually had to leave a restaurant. We blew it that day.

I think taking a two month old would really depend on the baby. If he/she is fairly easy going you will probably be alright.

Good Luck and Congratulations!!



I say go in Feb and take a 3 month old! that way you have one more month of sleep and then you will have nothing to worry about! We can ride Southwest together! ha ha ha


Thanks for the input, guys! I’m so afraid to go ahead and make the plans (my dad usually books the house and airline tix in Sept/Oct) for fear that it might not work out. Hopefully my labor and delivery will be normal and I will have a very mellow little one (I think I’m due after my very spirited DS!!) and we will be able to take the trip. But then there is the issue of finances - 3 mos of maternity leave with NO PAY (just started a new job and won’t be here long enough to get maternity pay!) and I am the primary income maker in our house. Who knows - maybe we will win the lotto between now and Feb!

Woohoo- when are you going? It’s funny you say that - we almost always fly Southwest!


Ya I would say give it one more month or two until atleast 4 and then it would be much better. A 2 month might me a bit hassled there. And geez I think anyone deserves Maternity Leave Pay no matter how soon they started. The don’t know all the work you went through! But I guess the world isn’t like that.


I agree - a few more months would probably make a huge difference, but I won’t have that option (at least not with a free place to stay!). So it’s either Feb or wait until 2008.

Believe me, I’m with ya on the maternity pay thing! I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after accepting a new job - I will miss out on 60% of my pay by 3 mos (I will be here for a year as of March 2007). Talk about bad timing!!!


that is because its the cheapest out of Hartford! We are leaving 2/2 and coming home 2/12


Congrats on the new WDWfan! I would take the trip. You will have down time like you said and that will make it a bit better. You have been there enough to just do your favorites and maybe skip some things. Go for it. I hate to hear you sad.:heart:


We vacationed with a 4 month old, and it was great. It forced us to slow down, and we ended up really ‘vacationing’. It was at the beach, though - NOT WDW.

However, it’s a cool time of year, so you won’t have the heat/crowds to worry about. It sounds like you have the ability to take PLENTY of downtime…why not go for it. It may not be a ‘normal’ trip for you, but when you have a baby, ‘normal’ is pretty much a non-issue, anyway! :laugh:


It will either be the best or the worst time.

With a 2 mth old “angel baby” (like my first) it was a breeze to travel. Still really little, not heavy, basically just nursed and slept. But a freind of mine had a daughter that cried for the first 4 mths, that would just be awful. :crying:

Ever the optimist, I would go for it. Lots of free hands to ohh and awe over the baby:wub: , it will slow you down, maybe you’ll feel more in vacation mode having to take it easy.


You are all very brave people. I don’t know if I would do this to myself. That’s the selfish part in me, I guess. I didn’t want to take my kids until they were 5 years old. But that’s also due in part because we don’t go to WDW as often as most of you do.
Congratulations Boucher, what a great thing to have to maybe postpone a trip for.


I will say this- being that I had Drakey only 3 months before we would have loved to go… staying home did nothing to help my post partum depression…I sobbed each time I saw disney commercials


I knew that if anyone would understand my crazy desire to go to WDW, even with a newborn, it would be you guys!:mickey: I’m sure things will work themselves out somehow. I guess we’ll just purchase the insurance on the plane tix just in case something happens. I know having my Dad & Stepmom there will also be helpful. Now I just need to figure out how we are going to afford the trip! I guess I need to get my butt in gear and start selling on ebay again!


Thanks!! Now I have another bedroom to decorate in some sort of Disney theme!!!:laugh: :laugh:


I know I think it is just your opinion on it. Just like if you think it is worth the money or not. And you sell on ebay?? Hehe I am a power buyer :laugh: But I just started to try and sell to make a few $ and could use some pointers :happy:


Im such a bad influence… before I bugged you to come and play with me here you were ok with not going…he he he- Oh well- now we can plan together!


I’ve been slacking on selling on ebay the past few months because I’ve been so sick. I don’t make a ton of money, but a little extra, ya know? What do you sell?


I know it! This is all your fault!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Now I’m back on here and I can’t get enough! I didn’t realize how much I had missed this place!


My sister and her husband took my oldest nephew to WDW when he was only 3 mos old and he and they did fine. You should go for it!!!