Feelin' Hot Hot Hot


Were back from 8 days at Disney world and we had an absolutely wonderful time! I think the title says it all. It wasn’t below 90 the whole week; but considering it seems like it’s barely gotten above 60 here, I wasn’t complaining … much. :blush:

May 2 to May 9

Me ~ Stacie
DH ~ Jeff
DS ~ Thomas (7)
DS ~ Alex (6)

with us for the first part of the week

DBrother ~ JD
DBrother ~ Caleb
JD’s GF DD ~ Reagan
Caleb’s GF

To make a long story short, my DH (who has never been as big a Disney fan as me) actually suggested we take another vacation to Disney World this year; so, who am I to argue. Our little trip suddenly grew to include my mom and dad since “they are so close” as my mom informed me. Then, it grew again to include my brother Caleb and his girlfriend. Finally, my other brother decided he couldn’t be left out of the big vacation. So, we had quite a motley crew of merry men taking a trip to the world. :pirate:


Welcome back home glad to see you had a wonderful trip…you sure did not miss anything here in IL. except RAIN…


Everything started well. Our flight was on time and we actually arrived a little early. We boarded the Magical Express and we were off to the Polynesian with no wait at all.


We arrived excited and ready for our trip at the poly and got assigned a lovely room and found someone waiting for us when we got there …


We love the Poly! Can’t wait to read your TR.:happy:


My mom, dad, JD, his GF and Reagan were waiting for us when we arrived. After settling in a little, we only had about an hour before our reservations at Ohana. Since this wasn’t really enough time to actually head over to a park, we decided to do something I have never done before. We rented a pontoon boat and took a lagoon tour before dinner. It was really relaxing and fun; definitely something I would think about doing again.


Dinner at Ohana … yum! Somehow, I eventually ended up with all the lays …


Finally at the Magic Kingdom!


Time for one of the favorites … Thunder Mountain Railroad! Thomas has perfected hands up while holding on :laugh:


Welcome back to IL! Glad to hear you had a great time. Keep the TR coming! I’ll have to remember that “hands up while holding on” trick…:laugh:


A perfect end to a magical first day … Wishes


I can safely say I am glad I missed the rain!


A teaser for day 2 which I will continue tomorrow: (Happy Mother’s Day!)


I love your pics! Especially the boy’s expressions on BTMRR. :smile: Love your TR , can’t wait to see the rest.


What a great castle picture.


Great pictures of the castle! Can’t wait to read and see more.


Love the Castle fireworks shots. Can’t wait to read more.


yay! Great TR so far…I can’t wait to read the rest!


Thank you all! Were on to day 2 at the magic kingdom! (Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies and expectant mommies out there!)

We were up early and off to the Magic Kingdom and arrived as it opened. Then we were off to Fantasyland! Who can resist a cup of tea first thing in the morning? Guess who we saw waiting to ride … and then in the teacup next to us. Ours was a little full, we might have spilled if she had tried to get in ours.


On our way to stop a runaway train and take a little trip into the briar patch, we ran into Daniel Boone … Duck of the wild frontier!