Feeling Blah!


We are going to disney in about 45 days… Seems like a lifetime away but I am sure it will be here before I know it. Anyway, up until about today I was so excited about going, everytime I saw someone elses pictures, read about their trips etc I would get so excited but now I feel just blah, kind of like I wish I was there now or something like that. I dont know why I would feel like this. I love disney… So I was wondering does anyone else every feel Blah or anything like that before an up comming trip? Or is it just me? Thanks for letting me vent/listening… :mickey:


I went through that phase! I think your brain gets tired of the constant dwelling on your trip! LOL. You will get back into it!


I was the same way at 45 days. I think it is because you want to be there now and realize you still have to wait. I was still feeling that way at 35 days so I made a count down chain for my kids and it really helped me, it was therapeutic. We are now 9 days out and I’m on cloud nine!


I was pretty blah a few months ago -just a lot of stress and felt like we were spending money we shouldn’t…etc. but now I am ready and can’t wait!


I have felt like that on occasion. I think its stress from home, finances, and going through stuff in general that makes us feel like that. I totally get what you are feeling. I know for me,its usually finaces and trying to juggle EVERYTHING!!! I am just 3 days away and I am having that same feeling too. I know I will be excited but with so much going on,its hard.


Thanks everyone… I have faith it will get better… But for right now Im still BLAH… 38 days left which really isnt that bad at all… :slight_smile: I have on my best Mickey Smile