Feet are killing me. Advise?


Everytime we go to Disney me feet hurt so stinking bad. I get up in the morning and they feel just as bad as the night before. I’ve tried soaking them in Epsom salts, hot water, cold water, elevating them at night. They hurt so bad last time I had to rent a scooter after the third day. I was so embarassed but I never would have been able to finish the vacation. I get up in the morning and they feel no better. I wore Crocs, and tried different (broken in) sneakers. Any other advise before I attempt this again? Now last time I just finished chemo, so I was in defenitely in bad shape. I am overweight and I know that contributes, but I see other overweight people in the park all the time. My poor 11 year old was so embarrassed I had to use a scooter. It seems everytime my feet hurt worse. Any advise? I did just read somewhere wearing two pairs of socks helps.


I have the same problem. After a long day at the parks, the bottoms of my feet used to hurt so bad at night that I couldn’t sleep

I try to wear one pair of shoes in the morning, then switch to a different type at night. It seems to work.

These are three of my favorite (and most comfortable shoes - they do not cause blisters on my feet at all!!!):

Hush Puppies Asana (tan)
Propet Starfish (black)
Crocs (Patricia in the color black)

All of the above are on MAJOR sale at Zappos.com right now.

I also sometimes wear my Sketchers lightweight walking sneaker for one part of the day.

I also take 3 advil before I go to bed, and it helps me sleep better, and in the morning, my feet don’t hurt.


I am not a doctor but I play one on MB.

Is it your heal and arch that hurt? When I am on my feet all day I can get really sore feet as well. I have found a few things that help are slow stretches when I return from to my room. I also give my feet a good massage (arches, balls of my feet, heel). Stretching before heading out in the morning seems to help as well as if you aren’t to embarrassed taking advantage of line time to stretch a little.

Slow stretching is key. Anything that stretches your arch, achilles tended, calf muscle, hamstring and back.

Finally the most over looked thing that will help just about everything is drinking lots of water. You would not imagine how much being properly hydrated helps if you are not acclimated to the climate. Drink water not soda or tea. If you do have a soda or tea drink 2 to 3 times the volume of water to what you drank of soda or tea.

Good shoe don’t hurt either.


Also, remember that people are walking anywhere from 5-10 miles on average for a day at WDW. That is a lot for anyone. Make sure that you have good shoes with plenty of support and cushioning. I think that the shoe is different for anyone. I wear tennis shoes (cross trainers) and they help, but I do not wear the same pair two days in a row. My feet and legs still get tired. I have done Advil, and that seems to help with the aches some.


Have you considered a pair of orthotics? They will give your arches support. There are cheap ones that you can test out at any drug store. And, if they help, you may want to consider having some made from a professional.


Advil should help as it will relieve some of the inflammation that your feet are going to have after so much walking. Good shoes and orthotics make a major difference for me. I’m a runner and have gotten a good fit for running shoes, I make the exception and wear those in the parks. You should be able to go to a running shoe store and they should be able to help. Not a mall store or Dicks, but a true running store…they will have walking shoes, running shoes, possibly even sandals. Feet that don’t hurt are worth the money!

  1. Are you in shape? Are your muscles conditioned? Are you carrying extra weight? Are you able to walk at least 5 miles a day before you leave on vacation? If not this is a good place to start.
  2. See your family doctor and ask for a Podiatry consult
  3. Consult a professional to fit you with the shoes your podiatrist recommends.

Good luck.


I definately recommend “training” for WDW. Talk walks around your neighborhood or on a treadmill for a few months before you go - preferably in the shoes you’ll be wearing there. Stretching sounds like a good idea too. If you are in that much pain I would also go to see a foot doctor and get fitted for some orthodics.


Its not the heel or arches, they do get swollen a little, but it is feels like the whole inside of the foot hurts. Weird - Of course I’m not in shape and I know that is probably it. I think taking Advil and drinking lots of water are good ideas! I never drink anything but water on vacation, but maybe not enough.


I have hot babes come in an rub my feet every night. :laugh: Boss highly recommends soaking them in the EPCOT fountain. Just don’t look at him when he’s in the fountain :eek:

It is A LOT more walking than you think. The best bet is to get off your feet as often as possible during the day, and get out an walk ahead of the trip. Heck, that’s not bad advise even if you aren’t going to WDW!

I wouldn’t recommend two pairs of socks but there are socks with more padding. Another trick is Dr. Scholls (sp?) gells.


Maybe a spa appointment would help halfway through the trip? I just thought of that…


I suspect that would help anything that ails you. :happy:


Keen shoes . . . I swear by them. They are the only brand of shoe that provides good support for my feet so when I go to WDW, I have happy feet! Otherwise my feet hurt, too. :smile:


Last trip I wore my REEF’S. I took several other pair to swap out with but they were so comfy I ended up wearing them 5 of the 6 days we were there. Felt like walking on air.


I never heard of Reefs or Keens.
And yes I should get my self in shape by walking months before. Keep the tips coming!


The local physical therapist where I live will makes custom orthotics for about $40. I would suggest those over generic ones. You will have to slowly break them in by wearing them for about an hour the first day and building up toward wearing them all the time. They will adjust the way you walk and put your foot into the proper anatomical position. It will make you sore in the beginning but it will prevent the pain you are describing and prevent damage over time. I am part of the sports medicine for a high school and I have seen custom orthotics alleviate foot, knee and back problems. Good luck!


[QUOTE=ann0d;1057513]I never heard of Reefs or Keens.
And yes I should get my self in shape by walking months before. Keep the tips coming![/QUOTE]

I didn’t either until my DH bought a pair. I tried a pair and have never looked back. They aren’t real cheap but if you find a pair that you like and that fit, you can find several online shoe stores that sell them cheaper than retail stores.

KEEN Footwear - Mobile


I am on my feet all day but still find Disney exhausting. Next time I go, I will definitely do more walking before I go. I have found some sandals that have worked but also needed to spend some time in a good sneaker. It helped but was difficult when it was hot!


[QUOTE=ann0d;1057513]I never heard of Reefs or Keens.
And yes I should get my self in shape by walking months before. Keep the tips coming![/QUOTE]

here is a comfy pair but there’s many others available



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