Feis-ing in Anahiem! Hopefully


I am an Irish dancer, and in Irish dance, we have have feisanna (the plural form of feis) which are competitions where you can dance in groups of your own level in front of judges, and if you place, you move up a level in that dance. These are all over the place, all the time. Right now where I live, there are about 3 feisanna a year, so our dance school travels to compete. There are a ton in California and a ton on the East coast.

I am a little upset, because there was a feis inside Coronado in January that I didn’t know about…I really wish I could have gone to that one…but there are 2 in October in Anaheim, and Turnwrench and I are thinking about going! I am really excited. It’s my two favorite things rolled into one…


Good luck if you go. Happy dancing!


Sounds awesome, have a fabulous time if you end up going!