Fellow Floridians


Hey folks,

Do y’all know if WDW still has a 2 day FL resident park pass for $100? I remember seeing them being sold online and now they are gone. They also had a 3 day pass but now the only thing I can find is the 4 day pass.

Even though we said we would not go back again, after the stressful summer of classes and house hunting we are thinking of sneaking for a weekend but we dont need the 3 or 4 day pass

If anyone can find the link to the pass please post it here cuz it would go a long way to getting a trip planned

Thank you :blink:


They should still have the 3 day play pass because that is what I usually get when I go. I go through AAA to get mine. It is a few bucks cheaper. Last I checked on their website they still had it listed.


Is the 3 day play the one you really get 4 days for the price of 3?


I just picked up a 3 day play pass at AAA for $134.00. That was about 3 weeks ago and I think the price might have gone up after that.
You can go to allears.net to check out prices with tax included.


I’m not ignoring the King, I just don’t know.


King…when are you thinking of going? We are getting an unexpected trip Sept 17-20. We would love to see the two of you.
Here is a link to Florida resident tickets that you might want to look at:
KGS - FL Residents