Festival of the Lion King on hiatus at Disney's Animal Kingdom



Sunday is the last day to visit Camp Minnie-Mickey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and see the Festival of the Lion King.

The area closes at the end of business today, and Festival of the Lion King will go on hiatus until a new theater in the Africa section of the park is ready later this year.

Festival of the Lion King was the only major attraction in the Camp Minnie-Mickey section. Mickey and Minnie themselves moved to Discovery Island earlier this year.

The move fuels speculation that Disney will build the new Avatar Land at the Camp Minnie-Mickey site, but Disney will not confirm that.

Disney gave a sneak peek at Avatar Land at a D-23 Expo in Japan in October.

The land will feature a simulator ride that lets guests feel like they’re riding a Banshee, and guests will able to walks through a bioluminescent jungle.


I really hope they do something other than Avatarland.


Me too. I just don’t see the fit.


I can give you a whole host of reasons not to but the two biggest:
1 Fox owns all the rights and Cameron has never done anything with Disney.
2 With so long between films and flagging interest in the sequels, Avatarland could well be tied to a box office dud. A ride is one thing, but a half billion dollar roll of the dice on a box office bomb leaves me with a bad feeling about this. Even if they do build a coaster, which they most likely won’t.
In fact, the signature ride would have to be similar to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which Disney might not be allowed to build because Universal has the rights to ride systems based on the Kuka Robotic Arm until 2018, years after Avatarland’s opening.


Looks like Avatarland is coming whether we want it or not:

Does anyone know when Festival of the Lion King will reopen in its new theater?


Avatar is coming, but I’m really hoping they change the name. I’ve never seen the movie, but isn’t there a name to the actual “Avatar land”?


Do you mean the name of the planet in the movie?
That would be Pandora.