Festival of the Masters?


What is this like? We could go on 11/12 if the parks are too crowded…


What is this? Where is it? How long will it be at WDW?


It is usually at DTD if I am not mistaken. We always arrive on the last day of the Festival. The only thing I have seen were sidewalk chalk works of art right at closing.


I see it’s for the weekend of the 11th - too bad - I would have loved to see it.


This is the gathering of Boss ,Rich, and Wall … As we demonstrate the awesomeness that is Us !!! … And the technical side of how not to cause problems specifically at Epcot !!! Just saying … This is the first year we coined the word “Masters”.:eek:


Uh-huh.:huh: I assume that there is a lot of frolicking in tutus… and beer…involved in the awesomeness that is You…


I just went to this LAST WEEK and it was awesome!! Marketplace had the absolutely incredible sidewalk art (from adults AND highschoolers) while West Side hosted all the tents/booths for professional artists of all kinds from all over the country. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, clay, wood, metal, collage, jewelry, glass…abstract, sculptural, conservative and otherwise! :heart: I highly recommend this for any art lover!!

I will put up a TR sometime this week and explain it in greater detail there!